Powerlifter Sarah Lewis Deadlifts An Easy 215kg Beltless Triple

Meanwhile at Armor Gym in Knoxville, Tennessee, powerlifter Sarah Lewis is moving big weight with absolute ease. Yesterday, Lewis shared a ground shaking deadlift triple on her Instagram page that reminded the online strength community just how strong she really is. Her workout called for two deadlift triples, which came at the weight of 215kg/475 lbs.

In Lewis’ Instagram video’s description she writes, “My fav day. @relentless__strength programming called for 2 sets of triples WITH a belt. Well I decided to do first set BELTLESS.(Sorry @tee_cummins )  475 2×3 then deficit 425 for 4 and 6.”

Author’s Note: A video of Lewis’ strong deadlift sets is featured below, it’s also available here for those having trouble viewing it on mobile devices!

Now, this weight isn’t a new feat for Lewis by any means, as she’s pulled well over it before for more reps. What’s so impressive about this set is her speed off the floor and the fact that she did it beltless with a hook grip. In addition, this is her second insanely strong beltless deadlift set she’s recently shared. On August 27th, Lewis shared another beltless deadlift PR with a smooth 206kg/455 lb 5-rep set.

As we mentioned above, Lewis is no stranger to moving heavy weight. Over the course of her career she’s owned a handful of 165lb all-time world records, which include the squat, deadlift, and total (in wraps). In April 2017 at the SPF Women’s Pro/Am, Lewis broke the the squat, deadlift, and total (in wraps) all-time world records for the 165 lb weight classes, although, those have since been broken and taken back by Kristy Hawkins.

On August 11th, Lewis mentioned that she’s currently doing a mini clean bulk before going back into her next prep. But as of right now, she hasn’t shared any details for her next competition on her social media pages.

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Feature image from @sarah.lewis_ Instagram page.