First Impressions of the Reebok Nano X (Worth Buying?)

Interested in the soon to be released Reebok Nano X?

After receiving a pair of the Reebok Nano Xs, I have some initial thoughts on them based on my first week of workouts. I’ll be performing an in-depth BarBend review like normal that will drop in the next couple of weeks, however, I wanted to get up prelude piece of content on these shoes that’s a little more of a first person point of view.

The Reebok Nano Xs hit the market on May 5th and a lot of us won’t physically be able to get to a retailer to check them out, so consider this another piece of content to help you decide, “are they really worth it?”

Over the last three years, the Reebok Nano has made some pretty drastic changes to its construction and the latest model is no exception. This model is designed — well it’s said — to be the most versatile Nano model yet and Reebok wants every fitness enthusiast to feel comfortable reaching for this shoe.

As someone who wants to train and lift heavier in these shoes, the versatility push makes my mind go to one place, did the Reebok Nano X compromise some stability by accommodating for multiple needs?

1. Sturdy Outsole

Reebok Nano X Construction
Reebok Nano X Construction

Luckily for the lifting focused athlete, the outsole of the Reebok Nano X is still fairly stable and sturdy. The outsole has the same rigid texture that the Nano 9 offered, so if you liked that outsole, then I think you’ll dig the Nano X’s construction.

This model still has the split through the middle of the outsole and the high density foam in the midsole towards the forefoot, which pretty much mimics the 9’s construction and stability.

  • Pros: Stable to support heavier lifts and ground the foot. Thus far, I’ve squat just north of 315 lbs (all I have in my home gym) in them and they’ve been solid.
  • Cons: Not great for longer runs or a ton of bounding/jumping. I took them for a 3-mile run and they worked fine, but I could see them definitely not being that comfortable for longer runs.

2. Reworked Outer Construction

Reebok Nano X Lace Cage
Reebok Nano X Outer

Looks and colorways aside — I have to say — I do like how the X’s outer construction performs and feels. The material has a tiny amount of stretch similar to the Nano 9’s, but the X’s feel like they have an additional layer of internal material which added a level of security. 

Overall the outer construction feels solid yet breathable, which is not an easy line to walk, so I think Reebok did a pretty good job at finding security along with stability.

  • Pros: Secure and formfitting, but also maneuverable. I like how this material hugged the feet during my workouts.
  • Cons: Slightly hotter than previous models. If you have sweaty feet…sorry

3. Reworked Lace Cage

Reebok Nano X Lace Cage
Reebok Nano X Lace Cage

The Nano 9’s outer construction bunched up towards the bottom of the toe where the laces meet, but this model appears to have remedied this issue with new material and a change to the lace cage.

The bottom of the lace cage now has a thicker material and the laces themselves run under this exterior layer to prevent the bunching.

  • Pros: Feels more durable and there’s no gaudy overlap of material.
  • Cons: I don’t have any yet.

4. Thicker/Higher Heel Construction

Reebok Nano X Heel
Reebok Nano X Heel

The Nano 9 had a more rounded heel cup and boot and the X boasts a higher lip and re-worked heel construction. The material within the boot of this shoe is redesigned and has a different construction (see: the orange portion) compared to the rest of the model. I’m guessing this was done to prevent heel slip during HIIT workouts and so forth.

When it comes to performance, I didn’t notice any significant changes with this modification. However, the heel does feel a lot more secure and I don’t think anyone will have slip issues.

  • Pros: Secure with no fear of heel slip whatsoever.
  • Cons: Might be a lot for lifters with small feet, but that’s TBD.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I don’t see the push to become more versatile as a bad thing whatsoever. The Nano X performed well like previous models and the reworked construction aspects seems to be attentive to complaints athletes had about the 9.

On the flip side, the Reebok Nano 9 will likely see a price drop in the next few weeks when the X releases, so if you’re on the market for a cost-efficient pair of trainers, then they might be worth looking into!

Over the next couple weeks, expect a full review to be published for the Nano X with in-depth information.

Editor’s note: This article is an op-ed. The views expressed herein and in the video are the author’s and don’t necessarily reflect the views of BarBend. Claims, assertions, opinions, and quotes have been sourced exclusively by the author.