Rogue Fitness Announces New “Pump-N-Row Challenge” for April

This next one is going to test your endurance and strength big time.

Rogue Fitness has been keeping athletes worldwide committed and busy thanks to their “Challenge” series. The most recent contest was the “The Cliffhanger Challenge,” which tested grip strength as participants hung from a pull-up bar for time (20:21 was the highest time). Before that, the “Bear Hug” Challenge determined who would last the longest while holding a heavy sandbag. And before that, athletes saw who could burn 50 calories the fastest on an air bike. If it’s one thing these challenges have in common above all else, it’s simplicity. Rogue’s next challenge, while still brutal, is a bit more involved.

The “Pump-N-Row Challenge” — which takes place from April 16-19, 2021 — will be a contest that requires strength and endurance. The “pump” will come courtesy of the bench press, and the “row” will require some time spent on a rowing machine.


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Pump-N-Row Details

Athletes must row for 2,000 meters in the fastest time possible and then immediately bench press a barbell (loaded with weight that differs based on division) for as many reps as possible. Each successful repetition will result in a 10-second deduction from the athlete’s rowing time. The athlete with the lowest calculated time overall is the winner.

This format may sound familiar. The Arnold Sports Festival puts on a “Pump-N-Run” every year at their big event in Columbus, OH. In that contest, the athletes perform the bench press with their division’s percentage of bodyweight first; then they run a 5k — Rogue’s iteration of the event subs running for rowing and flips the order of events. During Pump-N-Row, the shoulders and arms will be pre-exhausted from the rowing before the bench press begins. That will make the benchwork more challenging than if it was performed first.

The contest will run from April 16-19, 2021. Registration will be on April 9 at the Rogue Fitness website. Video of the events will need to be submitted to Rogue for verification and to determine the winners.

The rower used must be a Concept2 model. The bench press must be performed on any bench with a standard steel 15-kilogram or 20-kilogram barbell. Weight plates must be clearly marked. A timer and digital scale must also be available to verify times and weights. Rogue will announce winners after all times have been verified.

Pump-N-Row Divisions

Within the Men and Women categories, there are scaled and RX’D division as well as weight classes. The division that the athlete competes in determines the weight on the barbell for the bench press. Below are the RX’D and Scaled workout for both Men’s and Women’s division and weight classes for each.


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Men’s Divisions

RX’D – 100% of body weight rounded to the nearest five-pound increment. (Example: 223-pound athlete bench presses 225 pounds).

Scaled — 50% of body weight rounded to the next five-pound increment. (Example: 201-pound athlete bench presses 100 pounds).

Weight Classes:

Lightweight: Up to 148 pounds (66.99 kilograms)

Middleweight: 149-212 pounds (67-95.99 kilograms)

Heavyweight: 212 pounds and up (96 kilograms and above)

Women’s Divisions

Rx – 75% of body weight rounded to the nearest five-pound increment. (Example: 161-pound athlete bench presses 120 pounds.)

Scaled — 50% of body weight rounded to the next five-pound increment. (Example: 122-pound athlete bench presses 60 pounds).

Aside from the gender and skill levels, there are also weight divisions for each.

Weight Classes:

Lightweight: Up to 121 pounds (up to 54.99 kilograms)

Middleweight: 122-167.99 pounds (55 – 75.99 kilograms)

Heavyweight: 168 pounds and above (76 kilograms and above)

Pump-N-Row Prizes

As with the past challenges, there are prizes for the top three in each division and the gym with the most competitors participating. Note: According to the Rogue website, the prizes below are only for the RX’D version of the challenge. Prizes will be awarded to each weight class. The specific barbell and Concept2 models that the tp-three will get were not revealed on Rogue’s website when this article was written. 

First — $2,500 and a Concept2 Rower

Second — $1,000 and a Barbell

Third — $500 and a Barbell

Also of note:

  • The athletes with the fastest 500 meter split time and fastest 2,000-meter time — per the lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight divisions — will win a Concept2 rower.
  • Per every Rogue challenge so far, the winning gym (both RX’D and Scaled) will receive a Concept2 rower. Second and third place gyms will receive an Ohio Power Bar.

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