The Russia Weightlifting Cup Is Currently Streaming Live

The Russian Cup is currently in full swing and it has three cameras streaming live. Currently there are two platform cameras and one camera on the warm-up room.

To check out the stream follow this link.

The Russia Cup is being held over the span of six days (February 7-12th) and started yesterday on the 7th. Something unique about their stream is the ability to click to change cameras or sessions from men and women. Also, you can see the athlete’s photo and their green/red light attempts in each lift. In addition, the stream includes a tab to see who’s leading in each weight class.

There’s a full schedule attached below that highlights when each weight class competes, along with men’s and women’s divisions.


The day of arrival, the admission commission


Women weight category 48 kg
Men’s 56 kg weight category
Men’s 62 kg weight category


Women’s 53 kg weight category
Women’s 58 kg weight category
Men’s 69 kg weight category


Women’s 63 kg weight category
Women’s 69 kg weight category
Men’s 77 kg weight category


Women’s 75 kg weight category
Women weight category 75 kg +
Men’s 85 kg weight category


Men’s 94 kg weight category
Men’s 105 kg weight category


Men weight category of 105 kg +


Check-out Day


Russia has consistently built a strong reputation behind their weightlifting athletes and programs. This being said, it’s important to keep in that this year Russia will be sitting out of international competition. Earlier this year in January, the Russian Weightlifting Federation’s president Maxsim Agapitov withdrew their appeal on the federation’s one-year bad from international competition.

In July of 2016, Russia received a one-year ban from the IWF for doping and were barred from the 2016 Rio Olympics. This ban followed the IWF ruling that any country with three or more positive doping tested athletes from the prior two Olympics will receive a one-year ban from international competition.

Feature image from Weightlifting Federation of Russia website.