Watch Paralympic Powerlifter Siamand Rahman Bench 311kg (685 lbs) With Ease

Iranian Paralympic powerlifter Siamand Rahman is continuing to crush big weight in his off season. The 29 year old strength athlete has grown to fame for his insane strength, and has risen to be known as the current undisputed strongest Paralympian in the world. He constantly crushes world records every time he approaches the platform, and always leaves his competitors fighting for second place.

In a recent training video, Rahman hit a 311kg bench press, which tops his current world record by 1kg. Yes, we know there wasn’t a pause, but we wanted to highlight how well Rahman moved the weight. Plus, it could be a foreshadowing lift of what to expect at his next competition. Check it out below.

If you’re new to Rahman and his insane strength, then we’ll catch you up to speed. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Rahman competed in the men’s +107kg weight class, and ended with a 305kg bench press, which earned him first place by a landslide margin.

After the successful 305kg press, he was granted a fourth attempt of 310kg, which would earn him a new world record and PR. To provide more context into how big this lift was, the 310kg was 70kg higher than the second place finisher. Check out the moving video below where Rahman makes the fourth attempt 310kg look crazy easy.

In addition to his Rio gold, Rahman also won gold at the 2012 London Olympics. In 2012, Rahman claimed his first by finishing with a 280kg bench press, so in four years he was able to increase his bench by a huge 30kg.

Rahman has expressed interest in one day attempting to take a run at Kirill Sarychev’s 335kg raw bench press record. Yes, we know 25kg is a pretty big gap to fill, but in four years Rahman was able to cover 30kg. With more years and training under the bar, it’s not unreasonable to think he has a chance to attempt the 335kg.

Feature image screenshot from @siamand_rahman Instagram page.