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Steph Chung: Community, CrossFit, and Competition Goals (Podcast)

Today we’re talking to Steph Chung, an elite CrossFit athlete who’s also on the executive committee of the Professional Fitness Athlete’s Association. After a lengthy gymnastics career in the US, Steph discovered CrossFit, which quickly became her primary social outlet while living abroad in the Middle East. It’s where she found friends, developed her athleticism, and even where she first met with her now-husband. Now back in the United States, Steph lives and trains in Massachusetts. She joined us virtually to talk about training, what many elite CrossFitters want to see next for the sport, and much, much more.

Watch our interview:

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Steph Chung about:

  • Steph’s current training goals, and what the calendar holds (2:19)
  • How COVID-19 impacted Steph’s competition schedule (5:10)
  • Competition frequency for top CrossFit athletes (7:00)
  • Her competition background and discovering CrossFit (11:01)
  • The best sports to build a foundation for high-level CrossFit (16:50)
  • CrossFit couples and being a competitive person (21:48)
  • Steph’s involvement in the Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association (27:00)
  • Can we standardize movements and safety protocols at competition? (31:00)

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