Tonal Home Gym Holiday Sale and Discounts 2022

Have yourself a merry liftmas with the Tonal home gym, and train hard without making Donner and Dasher dredge through the snow.

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Tonal is an interactive total home gym solution in the form of a compact smart device that hangs on your wall. It’s tailored to people who want guided and challenging workouts that they can complete whenever they want. The two maneuverable pulley arms can provide up to 200 pounds of electromagnetic resistance. 

Tonal is smart enough to adapt to your progress, which allows you to always be moving toward your fitness goals. White glove installation is required and is an additional cost, as is shipping and the monthly membership. Membership is required for the first 12 months at about $49 per month, but is not necessarily required beyond that. To get the most out of Tonal, you’ll want the membership though. 

Tonal Holiday Promotions and Discounts

For their holiday sale, they’re offering a savings of $250 off on the Tonal hardware with no coupon code needed. If you don’t want to or can’t pay for the entire device up front, Tonal is also offering, via Affirm®, a special zero percent interest rate with no money down for qualifying customers. This holiday special runs through November 28 at 11:59pm PST, so make sure you place your order before then to secure the pricing.

Save $250
Tonal Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal
Tonal Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal
Tonal Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

From November 7 through November 28 save $250 plus qualifying customers can receive a special zero percent interest rate with no money down.

Our Favorite Extra — Smart Accessory Bundle

The Tonal Smart Accessory Bundle is designed to take your workout experience to the next level with Smart Handles, a Smart Bar, a triceps rope, bench, foam roller, and workout mat. The handles include six-axis gyroscopes to track every rep you perform. They also have a built-in spotter feature, which activates the adaptive resistance with the push of a button. The Smart Bar works similarly to the handles, allowing you to get into position, then turn the weight on with a button. 

The triceps rope and bench increases the variety of exercises you can perform. If you’re working hard, you’ll need to recover hard too, which is why the accessory bundle includes a foam roller. Ready for bodyweight exercises or some stretching? Then hop on the included workout mat instead of sliding all over your hardwood floor or shocking everyone with rug static.

Final Word

Let’s not mince words, the Tonal is expensive, but the holiday sale will help offset some of the cost, and when combined with the special financing for qualified customers, the price can be much more reasonable. If you’re always working out at different times or simply enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home, this smart home gym is a great option. It has the advantage of up to 200 pounds of electromagnetic resistance while many other smart home gyms often require you to supply your own weights. If you opt to include the Smart Accessory Bundle, which we recommend to make the most of your Tonal, this product really is a complete home gym solution for most people. 


How often does Tonal run a deal like this?

Tonal does not run discounts often, and there aren’t any year-round promotional codes we’re aware of. That said, first responders, military members, teachers, and those in the medical field may be able to score a special discount at any time. If you’ve been on the fence, this is a great time to finalize your order.

What is Tonal’s return policy?

You can return your Tonal within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, even if you financed it through Affirm®. In the unlikely case that you have some trouble down the road, you’re golden with a three-year limited warranty that covers defects.

How long is Tonal’s promotion running?

Tonal is running their holiday promotion from November 7 through November 28.