In Move to Bust Dopers, USA Weightlifting Introduces New Blood Test Device

USA Weightlifting is about to hold the most tested event in the organization’s history.

In a new article published on their official website, USAW has revealed a new they’re implementing a pilot program called Dried Blood Spot (DBS) testing at the upcoming Nike USA Weightlifting American Open Series 3, to be held in Las Vegas from September 13 to 17.

DBS testing will be used in addition to standard blood and urine testing, which USAW emphasizes “will mean that the event will be the most tested event in USA Weightlifting history, further showing the commitment of both USA Weightlifting and USADA to provide a fair platform to athletes.”

Using TAP™, a push button blood collection device, DBS testing makes it easier to get more samples from more athletes while costing less time and money than your standard blood withdrawals. Plus it only takes five drops of blood — about twenty times less than other blood tests — and it’s easier to store samples for future re-analysis.

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“I’m excited to partner with USADA to make the AOS 3 the most tested competition in USA Weightlifting history,” said USAW CEO Phil Andrews. “This measure comes in addition to an already increased deployment of urine and blood testing at this event. This had been trialed in the UFC and at the Boston Marathon and we are now ready to deploy it as a further innovation for clean sport.”

This news comes at a time when widespread doping is threatening the future of Olympic weightlifting. At the time of writing, the sport itself still has not been confirmed for the 2024 Olympics and the quota for weightlifters has been drastically cut for the Tokyo Olympics — the IOC is just allowing 196 athletes compared to the 260 who went to Rio.

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Featured image via @usweightlifting on Instagram.