Vlad Alhazov Squats 465kg (1,023 lbs) for an Insanely Heavy Double

Before reading on, we guarantee this will probably be the heaviest squat set you see today. Ukrainian powerlifter Vlad Alhazov is pretty well known for moving insane amounts of weight. Back in July, he became the first powerlifter to squat 500kg raw (with wraps) in competition at an IPA meet.

More recently, he’s shared some impressive lifting videos, but his latest 465kg squat for two solid reps may take the cake. Plus, from the view in the video it looks as though he’s only using knee sleeves, or a light knee wrap, which makes this feat even more insane. Check out the raw 465kg squat double below.


If you didn’t know better, it’s hard to tell Alhazov is squatting over 1,000 lbs in this video because his speed is crazy impressive for that amount of weight.

We mentioned it earlier, but what may be Alhazov’s most impressive feat to date was his record breaking 500kg raw squat with knee wraps. This squat broke the previous all time world record held by 15kg, which was held by powerlifting legend Andrey Malanichev.

On top of being the first powerlifter to complete this feat raw in competition with knee wraps, he also completed it after recovering from a knee replacement. And anyone who’s suffered a traumatic knee injury understands how tough rehabbing can be, especially when hitting maximal loads, even years after the injury. Check out the epic 500kg squat below.

Alhazov’s knee injury came almost ten years ago when he attempted to squat 590kg (1,300 lbs) equipped at Westside Barbell. During the descent on this massive attempt, his knee caved in and left him in need of a full replacement.

While we don’t have a video of the 590kg equipped squat injury, we do have a video of an equally impressive 567kg (1,250 lb) squat. Check out the massive 567kg equipped squat in the video from 2008 below.

Hopefully we continue to see Alhazov stay healthy and continue to move big weight. We’re excited to see what 2018 has in store for him, and if he’ll make a run at pushing the 500kg record even further.

Feature image screenshot from @vado.a Instagram page.