How to Watch the 2017 IWF Youth World Championships

Planet Earth’s best youth weightlifters have descended on Bangkok, Thailand this week in the hopes of setting new PRs — and maybe winning a medal or two — at the 2017 IWF Youth World Weightlifting Championships.

Held between April 3rd and April 10th, the first session starts on Tuesday, April 3rd at 10 o’clock in the morning Bangkok time. That’s 9pm PST or 11pm EST in the United States.

When the clock strikes 10, you can watch the action unfold in the YouTube livestream we’ve embedded below.

An athlete’s results at the Youth World Championships can potentially qualify him or her for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, an event held every four years. The next YOG will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 6th to 18th next year.

A full team of athletes from the United States — that’s eight men and eight women in total — have been sent to Thailand. Below are their names and when you can tune in to the webcast to watch them compete.

Men’s Team

Seth Tom (50kg, Session C, 4/3 at 11pm EST)

Antwan Kilbert (56kg, Session C, 4/4 at 10pm EST)

William Cohen (69kg, Session C, 4/6 at 11pm EST)

CJ Cummings (69kg, Session A, 4/7 at 8am EST)

Harrison Maurus (77kg, Session A, 4/8 at 6am EST)

Dean Scicchitano (95kg, Session B, 4/9 at 10pm EST)

Nicholas Bramble (94kg, Session A, 4/10 at 2am EST)

Marcos Bribiesca (94kg, Session A, 4/10 at 6am EST)

Women’s Team

Emma Nye (44kg, Session B, 4/4 at 3am EST)

Kaela Stephano (53kg, Session B, 4/6 at 2am EST)

Taylor Babb (63kg, Session B, 4/8 at 4am EST)

Juliette Chang-Fang (69kg, Session B, 4/8 at 10pm EST)

Claire Mackey (69kg, Session A, 4/9 at 4am EST)

Athena Schrijver (75kg, Session A, 4/9 at 8am EST)

Shay Carlock (75+kg, Session A, 4/10 at 4am EST)

Kuinini Manumua (75kg, Session A, 4/10 at 4am EST)

We’re especially excited to watch CJ Cummings, Harrison Maurus, Athena Schrijver, and Taylor Babb — Cummings and Maurus in particular are positioned to make new world records in the clean & jerk for their weight classes.

Now, we just need to organize coffee for those 2am sessions.

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Featured image via @athena._.schrijver and @cj__cummings on Instagram.