ROGUE Invitational: How to Watch, Prize Money, Roster Breakdown, and More

CrossFit fans, you don't want to miss this event!

The ROGUE Invitational could arguably be the most highly anticipated CrossFit Sanctional™ of the year, as it will feature multiple top male and female athletes from the 2018 Games. The Sanctional runs from May 18th through May 19th at Rogue Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Are you excited yet?

If you still aren’t sold, we can set an even bigger picture to get you pumped up.

How to Watch

In a perfect world we would all love to be on site at Rogue’s Headquarters to watch the world’s fittest athletes compete, but if you can’t get out there you can see all the action unfold via livestream.

Rogue has announced that the event will be stream across three different locations including, 

The Prize Money

There’s a lot of money up for grabs at the Rogue Invitational. Rogue is set to prize over $400,000 in total to top athletes.

  • First place individuals will get $50,000
  • First place team will get $20,000
  • Event wins will earn $5,000

Rogue Invitational Roster

So who can you expect to see? For starters, you can expect to see reigning 2018 CrossFit champions, Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey competing. And in addition to Fraser and Toomey,  there will also be legendary CrossFit athletes in attendance like Jason Khalipa, Dan Bailey, Kristan Clever, and many others.

Interested in more? Checkout the full ROGUE Invitational roster.

Some athletes that stand out right away — granted, all of them do — are obviously the reigning champions, but also the second and third place individual finishers at the 2018 Games. There’s Laura Horvath, who finished in second place at the 2018 Games and Iceland’s Katrin Davidsdottir, who finished third.

Then on the men’s side, there’s Patrick Vellner, who finished in second place at last year’s Games, and Sweden’s Lukas Hogberg who finished third.

Rogue Invitational Standout Events

One of the things that surely sets the ROGUE Invitational apart from others are the events taking place at the Sanctional. For example, there will be biathlon event with a CrossFit twist event. Rogue also announced that the final team event will be an old school yard favorite — tug of war.

So between shooting, and some rope tugging, this is shaping out to be quite an entertaining couple of days.

Feature image provided by CrossFit HQ.