Weightlifter Meso Hassona Back Squats a Massive 300kg PR

Qatari weightlifter Meso Hassona has been moving some serious weight the last two weeks. Four days ago, Hassona posted a 270kg/595 lb back squat double on his Instagram page and teased the question of hitting a 300kg/660 lb single. In his Instagram video’s description he wrote, “270kg x 2 back squat. Do you think I can do 300kg now?”

In the comments, handfuls of athletes and fans responded to Hassona’s question with an overload of reassuring heck yeses. Well, luckily for us and all of Hassona’s fans, he’s answered the question a mere four days after his initial question.

Yesterday, Hassona shared his first ever 300kg/660 lb back squat video, and it was glorious. We don’t know about you, but nothing is cooler to watch, then seeing an athlete absolutely smoke a weight they’ve had their eye on for quite some time.

In Hassona’s latest Instagram video’s description he writes, “Finally. 300kg/660 lb back squat. I’ve been working for this for a long time. Next goal: 6 reds (320kg/704 lbs).”

At the young age of 20, Hassona continually impresses us and his fans with his strength. This year, Hassona took home fifth place overall at the IWF World Championships and a bronze medal in the clean & jerk. His lifts were composed of a 171kg/377 lb snatch and a 217kg/478 lb clean & jerk, which earned him a total of 388kg/855 lb total.

And while Hassona’s 217kg/478 lb clean & jerk was obviously massive and good enough to earn him bronze, it’s not his best ever. Earlier this year in April, Hassona competed in the Asian Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships and hit a 221kg/487 lb clean & jerk PR, which earned him a gold medal. And speaking of gold medals, let’s not forget his epic performance at the IWF Junior World Championships in July. 

He stated on his Instagram page after hitting the 221kg clean & jerk that his next goal is 227kg/500 lbs. After watching him smoke this 300kg/660 lb back squat PR, we’re hopeful that we’ll see Hassona smoke more notable PRs in the near future and into 2019.

Feature image from @mesohassona Instagram page.