Weightlifter Nathan Damron Hits a 220kg (485 lb) Clean PR

Last night, Mash Elite Performance shared a video on their Instagram page that’s already made rounds through the American weightlifting community. The below video features none other than Mash Elite Performance athlete Nathan Damron who takes his heaviest clean to date for a ride.

Throughout the world of social media, it’s rare to find a video of -94kg weightlifter Damron struggling to stand up any lift, whether it be a clean, snatch, or back squat. In the video below featuring a monster 220kg (485 lb) clean from Damron, there were some signs of struggle under the weight, but his speed under the bar was absolutely crazy.

Also, yes, his elbows appear to touch his knees in the clean, but that doesn’t take away from the impressiveness of this feat.


This lift was awesome for two reasons. First, it’s a strong suggestion of what we may be seeing from Damron as the year progress, and builds a stronger case for what he’s capable of. Second, it’s a strong 9kg over the current -94kg Senior American record held by Kendrick Farris.

The current Senior American clean & jerk record stands at 211kg and was set by Farris back in 2013. We’ve seen Damron clean over the American record from the blocks and floor before, but never by this much.

In fact about a week ago, Damron hit a 215kg clean PR and attempted 220kg twice. Check it out below.


Earlier this year in May, Damron competed for Team USA at the Pan American Weightlifting Championships held in the Dominican Republic. On the platform, Damron hit a 154kg second and 159kg third attempt snatch, but unfortunately missed his clean & jerks, which led to him not posting a total.

Judging from Damron’s last two clean PR video’s, we’re pumped to see he’s going to be able to push as the competitive season forges on. Could we tackle the current Senior American record by the end of year, or at least take a few attempts at it?

Feature image from @masheliteperformance Instagram page.