Here’s What Brandon Curry Eats To Fuel His Olympia Prep

The 2022 Arnold Classic champ seeks to regain the Mr. Olympia title in December 2022.

Bodybuilder Brandon Curry could find himself in a rare company in bodybuilding history come December 2022. In 2019, Curry won both the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia title — a feat that only 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson and eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman have achieved (Coleman won both in 2001). Should Curry recapture the Mr. Olympia title in 2022, he would be the first bodybuilder to win both events in the same year in two different years, as he won his second Arnold Classic in 2022.

On March 30, 2022, Curry was featured on the Men’s Health YouTube channel, wherein he shared everything he eats in a day during his Mr. Olympia prep. While performing two training sessions per day to hit every body part multiple times a week, the reigning Arnold Classic champ needs sufficient fuel to maintain his award-winning physique. Check out Curry’s diet in the video below:

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Curry’s training days begin at 7 a.m. with some much-needed hydration. Curry estimates that he drinks three liters of water per day during warmer weather. He heads to the gym for his first training session before consuming his first meal of the day. Breakfast serves as a post-workout meal and consists of the following:

Meal One

  • Potatoes — 350 grams 
  • Chicken — 200-220 grams
  • Two to three eggs and/or egg whites

Although Curry does measure his food for macro purposes, consuming around 200 grams of protein per meal, he does not count calories.

We do everything by scale weight.

Protein remains consistent for Curry from meal to meal, but carbohydrates can vary. While 200 grams of carbohydrates are a median for him, meals can scale from zero carbs to 400 grams.

Meal Two

Note: if specific measurements of a food are missing, it was not mentioned in the video.

  • Chicken
  • Rice — 200-300 grams

Curry’s training sessions last approximately 90 minutes, depending on how he feels. He does consume a pre-workout before his training sessions, as he finds they aid his recovery process.

Meal Three

A post-workout meal for Curry will change up the protein source between salmon or steak — both of which are fattier than chicken.

  • Salmon or steak
  • Sweet potatoes — 250 grams

As Curry gets closer to competition day, his diet will decrease his carbohydrate intake. During that time, he adds more greens and avocado to his meals to offset the lost volume. To prevent feeling too full, Curry is cautious not to consume too much fiber, which he feels disrupts his digestion.


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Meal Four

  • Chicken — 220 grams
  • Rice — 200-250 grams

Curry mentioned taking frequent naps throughout the day to improve recovery. Following his naps, he is often consuming another meal.

Meal Five

  • Salmon or steak — 220 grams | when further into prep, Curry will opt for a leaner protein source like white fish.
  • Green salad

Curry consumes six simple meals per day, and the final two are nearly identical.

Meal Six

  • Fish of choice — 220 grams
  • Green salad
  • Rice — 200 grams (only if it is during his prep where the extra carbohydrates are warranted)

Given that Curry’s daily meals during his prep are relatively basic — they consist of a protein, a carb, and maybe a fat source — a cheat meal can be a boon to the spirit and a desirable refeed for his body. Curry’s go-to cheat meal is a double-quarter-pound hamburger, soda, french fries, and apple pie. During a shorter prep, Curry’s cheat meals skew towards sushi, which is densely caloric due to the volume of rice.

To the Olympia

The 2022 Olympia weekend is scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022. Curry will attempt to win his second Mr. Olympia title by dethroning two-time reigning Mr. Olympia Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. If Curry is successful, it would not only be his reclamation of bodybuilding’s highest achievement; it would also be his ascension in the history books as a multiple Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia champion.

Featured image: @brandon__curry on Instagram