The 5 Best 2018 World’s Strongest Man Moments (Official Footage!)

Fans hungry for official footage of this year’s World’s Strongest Man competition need wait no longer, because we’ve got some exclusive footage directly from our sources at WSM.

After its conclusion in May, we posted a roundup of the top 5 moments from this year’s contest, with a slight downside that we were only able to post footage from spectators’ smartphones. World’s Strongest Man, you see, can’t really be aired live. The events take place over several days and often have lengthy rests between rounds and hours between events themselves. The event needs to be edited into broadcast-friendly episodes and that takes more time than you’d think, but… the shows are ready.

To promote their broadcast on CBS Sports Network — guys, watch World’s Strongest Man on CBS Sports Network every Thursday at 9:30pm from June 14th til August 9, then wait a month for the final which airs on September 6, full details here — WSM was kind enough to send over some official, non smartphone footage of the events we’re most looking forward to watching on TV.

We’ve just got snippets (think of this as a trailer) but we’re more than excited to watch. A refresher:

5. Matjaz Belsak Beats Shaw’s Bus Pull By 1/100th of a Second
4. Brian Shaw Ties Thor Bjornsson On the Jeep Deadlift
3. Bjornsson Vs Kieliszkowski on the Loading Medley
2. Jean-Francois Caron Out-Deadlifts Martins Licis With a Torn Hip Flexor
1. Thor Bjornsson’s Monstrous 205kg Overhead Press

This year’s event truly was one to remember.

The 2018 World’s Strongest Man has been split up into 10 half-hour episodes and 1 hour-long finale. The half hour episodes are airing on CBS Sports Network every Thursday at 9:30pm, starting on June 14th and ending August 9th, and the finale is airing twice: once on CBS on Sunday, September 2nd at 4pm and again on CBS Sports Network the following Thursday the 6th of September at 9:30pm. Enjoy!

Featured image from @thorbjornsson on Instagram