World’s Strongest Man Launches “Home Edition” Competition On Snapchat

Strongmen perform feats of strength using items at home for a chance at the $10,000 prize.

For the next eleven weeks, World’s Strongest Man (WSM) will air a competition show on Snapchat called “World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition.” Episodes will take place every Monday and consist of eight well known strongmen competing against each other “in two rounds of unique and entertaining feats of strength.”

Who’s Competing?

The contestants for WSM: Home Edition are:

The series trailer was shared on World’s Strongest Man’s Instagram page and can be seen below:

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What Does the Competition Look Like?

The competition will consist of the athletes competing against each other in pre-determined strongman disciplines — similar to what you would see in a strongman competition (deadlift, farmer’s carry, overhead press, etc.) — using items that they can find at home. Each contestant is encouraged to get as creative as possible with the items they use during each round. All items are fair game to use — from cars to couches to pets to ladders to people to anything and everything.

Creativity may even prove to be more important than strength for this contest, as winners of each round will be determined via an audience vote. Voting involves swiping up in Snapchat at the completion of a round.

“At the end of the two rounds, the top two competitors with the most votes will go head-to-head in fan voting to claim the ultimate $10,000 prize awarded by World’s Strongest Man.”

Host of World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition

The host of WSM: Home Edition will be none other than 2017 WSM champion Eddie Hall

“I can’t wait for the fans to see the creativity these guys bring to the table. I’ve been wondering how the athletes have been getting ready for The World’s Strongest Man competition in November, and many will be without a gym right now. It will be fun to see how they stay in shape somehow!”

Episode Schedule

Each episode will air weekly on Mondays via Snapchat with each week scheduled as follows:

  • Monday, May 4: Episode One – Series Trailer
  • Monday, May 11: Episode Two – Athlete 1 vs. Athlete 2 | OVERHEAD PRESS
  • Monday, May 18: Episode Three – Athlete 3 vs. Athlete 4 | DEADLIFT REPS
  • Monday, May 25: Episode Four – Athlete 5 vs. Athlete 6 | LOADING RACE
  • Monday, June 1: Episode Five – Athlete 7 vs. Athlete 8 | CARRY + FARMER’S WALK
  • Monday, June 8: Episode Six – Athlete 1 vs. Athlete 4 | LOADING RACE
  • Monday, June 15: Episode Seven – Athlete 2 vs. Athlete 3 | CARRY + FARMER’S WALK
  • Monday, June 22: Episode Eight – Athlete 5 vs. Athlete 8 | DEADLIFT REPS
  • Monday, June 29: Episode Nine – Athlete 6 vs. Athlete 7 | OVERHEAD PRESS
  • Monday, July 6: Episode Ten – FINALS FACE OFF
  • Monday, July 13: Episode Eleven – WINNERS REVEALED

Is the 2020 World’s Strongest Man Still Happening?

The 2020 WSM competition was postponed until November 14-15 with qualifying rounds set for November 11-12 on Anna Maria Island in Bradenton, Florida.

The sport of strongman has been innovating, though, not only with the new Snapchat contest but also with World’s Ultimate Strongman announcing their own online events, which will include Luke Stoltman and Rob Kearney attempting the log lift world record on May 16th and American record on June 13th, respectively.

Feature image from World’s Strongest Man’s Instagram page: @theworldsstrongestman