Check Out Junior Powerlifter Yi-Chun Lin’s 4.5x Bodyweight Deadlift

It’s Monday morning and we’ve already written three articles on epic deadlifts, and that’s not a bad way to start the week. Currently, 2017 the IPF Open World Championships are taking place in Pilsen, Czech Republic and will conclude November 18th. If you’re interested in checking out the schedule and live stream, then visit this link.

Every year, these Championships host some of the world’s best powerlifts. Last year, we saw Chen-Wei Ling squat 4.5 times her bodyweight for an epic world record at this meet. This year, Chinese Taipei’s junior powerlifter Yi-Chun Lin just made another mark in the record books with an insane 265kg deadlift at a mere 59kg bodyweight.

Check out his strong deadlift below, which tops Lin’s previous record by 2kg.

We’re not sure what’s most impressive about this deadlift. Is it the 4.5 times bodyweight pull, the fact that Lin is still a junior lifter, or how easy he made it look?

Lin currently has two classic IPF world record in the junior age category. These records include a squat of 212.5kg and total of 552.5kg. In the equipped category, Lin already owned the deadlift record which was 263kg, but has now furthered his record. The current Open world record is held by powerlifting legend Sergey Fedosienko, but Lin isn’t too far behind.

If you want to see more of Lin’s lifting, then check out the video below from this year’s World Games held in July. At this meet, Lin ended up hitting a 260kg squat, 170kg bench press, and a 257.5kg deadlift in the men’s lightweight class.

There’s no denying that Lin is one of the world’s top junior powerlifters, and possibly the best in the junior 59kg weight class. Outside of the junior category, Fedosienko continually dominates the 59kg Open class, but Lin is close on his heels.

With more training and experience in the sport, we have to wonder: Will Lin be able to knock off some of Fedosienko’s long-time world records?

Feature image screenshot from @theipf Instagram page.