16 Year Old Harrison Maurus Rack Jerks 420 lbs

Harrison Maurus has caught our attention for the second time this week putting up another big number. We first shared a video of this 16 year old’s 400 lb clean & jerk, but in his most recent video he’s rack jerking 191kg (420 lbs).

A video posted by Kevin Simons (@teamalphasc) on

This rack jerk is the same weight Colombia’s Yeison Lopez recorded for the 77kg clean & jerk youth world record. Lopez hit 191kg in October at the International Weight Lifting Youth Championships. 

In case you missed it, Lopez is who Maurus finished second behind at the 2016 IWF Youth World Championships from earlier this year. 

The video of Maurus’s rack jerk was shared by his long time coach Kevin Simons on Reddit, who gave a few comments about the jerk itself. 

In recent competitions, folks have commented on a little shakiness in Maurus’s jerk. He discussed that they implemented another jerk day into his program, while directing a lot of focus on pauses in the dip and catch. He also noted that he had Maurus perform heavy yoke walks to increase his confidence with heavy weight overhead.

Maurus’s 400 lb clean & jerk from earlier this week adds him to the very short list of youth to perform this feat. We previously noted that this may be the first time in USA’s history that two youth have put up this number – the other being 69kg lifter CJ Cummings.

A video posted by Kevin Simons (@teamalphasc) on

With Maurus’s new 191kg jerk, we definitely have a lot to look forward to with this young lifter. Check out his silver medal performance from the IWF Youth Weightlifting Championships.

Also, just how far has he come? This article sums up the great progress he’s made since taking up lifting around 11 years old.