2021 Brazil CrossFit Championship Recap — Two Men, Women and Teams Go to the Games

The virtual South American competition proved an exciting race for two CrossFit Games spots in each division

Rookies and redemption were written on the leaderboard at the end of the Brazil CrossFit Championship, one of three virtual competitions to take place the weekend of June 11-13, 2021, for the CrossFit Semifinals. While these three competitions — the CrossFit German Throwdown and CrossFit Lowlands Challenge being the other two — would all include the same programming, the Brazil  CrossFit Championship put its unique mark in the events qualifying athletes for the 2021 CrossFit Games.

Just two spots were up for grabs in each of the men’s, women’s, and team divisions. Here are the top 10 athletes for both the individual divisions and Team divisions. 


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Editor’s Note: The top two men, women, and teams qualify for the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games. The unofficial Games qualifiers below are noted in bold. Unofficial leaderboards below may shift following CrossFit’s video reviews. 

2021 Brazil CrossFit Championship Women’s Top 10

  1. Larissa Cunha (560)
  2. Sasha Nievas (528)
  3. Victoria Campos (498)
  4. Julia Kato (476)
  5. Valentina Rangel (415)
  6. Amanda Fusuma (412)
  7. Luiza Dias (409)
  8. Luiza Marques (396)
  9. Gabriella Moratti (363)
  10. Alexia Williams (358)

2021 Brazil CrossFit Championship Men’s Top 10

  1. Agustin Richelme (560)
  2. Guilherme Malheiros (548)
  3. Omar Martinez (508)
  4. Kaique Cerveny (498)
  5. Anderon Primo (416)
  6. Nicolas Bidarte (403)
  7. Maximiliano Arigossi (380)
  8. Bruno Marins (378)
  9. Julian Serna (358)
  10. Piero Gorichon (346)

2021 Brazil CrossFit Championship Team Top 10

  1. Fourmixx Brazil (590)
  2. Q21 (555)
  3. CrossFit Villa Luro (540)
  4. Team Treta (430)
  5. Team SP (415)
  6. CFP9 (390)
  7. Team Samurai (370)
  8. Vittoria Morereps Classic (350)
  9. Ignorantes (330)
  10. Team Punk (325)

Day One Recap

Friendly Fran returned to greet individual athletes after originally showing up for the first stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games. This Girl WOD upgrades pull-ups to the chest-to-bar variety, drops 20 more pounds on the barbell for thrusters, and calls for 21 reps across all three punishing rounds.

Young Brazilian Guilherme Malheiros, just 21 years old, took the event in 3:40  — which would have placed him second in the 2020 CrossFit Games. Just two seconds behind was Agustin Richelme, 2019 CrossFit Games Argentina country champion.

Dumbbell-heavy event two also mixed in GHD sit-ups, which likely made 100 overhead squats taxing. Argentina’s second-fittest man in 2020, Nicolas Bidarte, took the event, with Richelme close behind. 

On the women’s side, if you didn’t know Larissa Cunha’s name before, she’ll make sure you don’t forget it. Cunha missed out on the 2020 CrossFit Games due to COVID-19, but she came out of the gates ready to punch her ticket in 2021. Cunha finished Friendly Fran in 3:43, just three seconds behind Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr’s 3:40 at the 2020 Games, and the fastest time we saw this weekend across three events by a long shot. Colombia’s Valentina Rangel followed in second at 4:01. Brazilians took the top three spots in event two, with the first-place finish going to Victoria Campos. 

The Teams division didn’t escape Friendly Fran. Instead, they performed a synchronized version that also included bar-facing burpees. Dominant Fourmixx Brazil took this one in 7:28, followed closely by Q21 out of Argentina with a time of 7:31. Event two continued the synchro theme with dumbbell movements and GHD sit-ups. CrossFit Villa Luro out of Argentina took first, followed by Fourmixx and Q21. Just 10 points separated the top three teams after day one.

Day Two Recap

More dumbbells greeted individual athletes for event three, joined by muscle-ups and 600 double unders. Richelme cruised to first place in this one, beating out second-place Venezuelan Gustavo Errico by nearly a minute. Fellow Venezuelan Omar Martinez finished just a second behind Errico in third place. The heavy barbell finally came into play in event four, with an ascending snatch ladder. Malheiros finished 18 snatches at 245 pounds for first place, followed by fellow Brazilian Anderon Primo with 17. 

Campos cleaned house on the 60-muscle-up event three, finishing at 17:39. Second-place Cunha came in at 21:17, with Colombia’s Maria Camila Quintero finishing at 21:32. Argentina’s Sasha Nievas took the upper hand in the snatch event, completing 21 at 165 pounds, beating Lowlands Throwdown’s Laura Horvath and tying Katrin Davíðsdóttir’s score at the German Throwdown. Moratti finished close behind with 50. At the end of day two, Cunha and Nievas sat tied at the top of the leaderboard, with Campos out of Games contention in third place before day three.


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Teams took on gendered pairings for dumbbell lunges and muscle-ups in event three. Fourmixx Brazil took this one, followed by Q21, with Brazil’s CFP9 in third. Crowd(less) favorite max snatch and max clean & jerk would be event four for the teams. Fourmixx Brazil picked up their third event win at 1,000 pounds, followed by CrossFit Villa Luro at 986 and Team Punk at 984. 

Day Three Recap

Day three started with handstand walks and legless rope climbs. After day two, Brazil’s Kaique Cerveny, who sat quietly in third place, took this event win, followed by Malheiros. The weekend’s final event would be the new CrossFit Girl WOD, Grettel, first introduced in competition at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. Martinez blew through the 10 rounds of three clean and jerks and three burpees over the bar in 2:18, tied for fastest of the weekend, followed by Malheiros in second and Richelme in third. 

Campos would again reign victorious on the gymnastics event, taking event five a full minute-and-a-half ahead of Cunha. But Cunha would prove dominance on Grettel, taking the win at 2:41, followed by Brazilian Julia Kato in second and Nievas in third. 

Teams also took on handstand walks and rope climbs, with Fourmixx finishing well ahead of the pack in event five, followed by CFP9. Teams met both Grettel and fellow new girl WOD Ingrid, a snatch version of Grettel, completed in pairs. Q21 picked up their first event win on the final event, followed by Fourmixx Brazil, who would take the competition win. 

Two weeks remain in the Semifinals race to the Games, including the last-chance qualifier competition taking place the first weekend in July. The 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games will take place July 27-Aug 1 in Madison, WI. 

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