2021 Last-Chance Qualifier Results — The Final 4 Games Athletes Revealed

This weekend’s virtual Last Chance Qualifier gave fringe Semifinals athletes a second chance at a ticket to Madison.

After this weekend, we now have the complete 40-man, 40-woman, and 38-team roster for the 2021 NoBull CrossFit Games.

The Last Chance Qualifier, which took place from July 2-4, gave 29 men and 28 women from around the world a shot at the final four spots at the Games after missing the cut from the 10 semifinals. The weekend’s virtual competition was short and simple but no less a true test of holistic fitness.

Until this point, 38 men and 38 women have already punched their ticket to the most prestigious CrossFit competition on the planet. The Games new format makes it possible for two men and women who narrowly missed their chance in the Semifinals another shot.

Here’s who made it: 


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2021 Last-Chance Qualifier Results

Note: The top two men and women qualify for the 2021 CrossFit Games. The unofficial Games qualifiers below are noted in bold. These results, verified by CrossFit, are subject to change. 

Women’s Results

  1. Emma Tall (344)
  2. Kristi Eramo O’Connell (328)
  3. Madeline Sturt (262)
  4. Karin Freyova (261)
  5. Matilde Garnes (260)
  6. Manon Angonese (257)
  7. Feeroozeh Saghafi (252)
  8. Valentina Rangel (244)
  9. Christine Kolenbrander (237)
  10. Oihana Moya (235)

Men’s Results

  1. Roman Khrennikov (332)
  2. Alexandre Caron (312)
  3. Tyler Christophel (304)
  4. Taylor Self (275)
  5. Khan Porter (272)
  6. Phil Toon (257)
  7. Ioannis Pappadopoulos (256)
  8. Kaique Cerveny (249)
  9. Alex Kotoulas (247)
  10. James Newbury (240)

Day One Recap

Athletes had two workouts to tackle before 12 p.m. on Saturday, July 3, and between the two, only three different movements. Simple, yet punishing. The first was a high-rep couplet of row calories and hang dumbbell snatches with a 42-30-28 rep scheme.

Lucy Campbell, ninth-place Lowlands Throwdown finisher from the UK, took first in this one by 10 seconds. This would be her best finish of the weekend, as the next event, a three-rep max deadlift would drop her to 26th place. Oihana Moya, German Throwdown eight-place finisher, took first in the heavy lifting, pulling an impressive 392 pounds for three reps. After two events, Emma Tall sat in first place, thanks to a sixth- and fourth-place finish in events one and two.

Tall had originally qualified for a spot through the German Throwdown, but lost it after a secondary review on one of her videos drew a penalty that knocked her out of qualification. Tall’s spot went to Samantha Briggs instead. 


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For the men, Russian Roman Khrennikov, third-place finisher of the Asia Invitational, grabbed first place on the row and dumbbell snatch couplet. West Coast Classic teen phenom Dallin Pepper was right behind him in second place. On the three-rep deadlift max, sixth-place Lowlands Throwdown finisher Ioannis Papadopoulous from Greece pulled nearly 600 pounds for three reps, deservedly grabbing first place. Khrennikov sat in first place after two events.

Day Two Recap

Event three of the Last Chance Qualifier was 100 burpees for time — to a twelve-inch target. This is double the typical height of target burpees, which traditionally asks for a six-inch target. Athletes not only had to hold on to their engine for this event but also make a concerted effort to jump after each burpee, as a miss could prove truly punishing. 

Kristi Eramo O’Connell came out of the shadows to take first place in this event after finishing 12th and eighth on the previous two. O’Connell is known for her endurance, and today’s events would prove a perfect scene for her to make a charge to qualify for the 2021 Games after missing out at the Granite Games by two places. The second event, a long chipper, was her perfect opportunity to pick up the second win she needed, and pick it up she did, winning by nearly a minute ahead of Tall. 

On the men’s side, Omar Martinez, fourth-place finisher out of the Brazil CrossFit Championship, blazed through 100 burpees in 4:11. Though Khrennikov finished this one in 11th place, he came back to win the fourth event, unofficially punching his ticket to Madison. A very consistent Caron would take the second available place. 

Khrennikov has previously faced trouble when attending previous CrossFit Games due to travel visa issues. Although the Department of Homeland Security cleared international CrossFit Games athletes to travel to the U.S. for the competition later this month, these travel issues predate COVID-19. 

CrossFit will finalize the full list of Games qualifiers by July 10. The 2021 NoBull CrossFit Games will take place July 27 – Aug 1 in Madison, WI. 

Featured Image: @emmtall on Instagram