2021 World’s Strongest Man Atlas Stones Results

The final event of the 2021 World's Strongest Man contest also decided the overall winner.

The last event of the 2021 World’s Strongest Man (WSM contest) was the Atlas Stones. After winning back-to-back events to kick off the Finals, Tom Stoltman jumped to the top of the leaderboard and has stayed there ever since. However, a world record performance by four-time WSM champion Brian Shaw in the Keg Toss event and a strong deadlift performance pulled him within a point of the Scotsman.

The known tiebreaker going into the final event was each strongman’s time in the Atlas Stones. That meant if either Shaw or Stoltman won the stones, they would win the 2021 WSM title. Of note, all of Shaw’s previous WSM wins were decided in the Atlas Stones event. Additionally, he told WSM in a previous interview that he trained on the stones more in the past year than in the previous five years combined.

Luke Stoltman and Trey Mitchell were tied for third place — 5.5 points behind Shaw — entering the final event. Maxime Boudreault and Konstantine Janashia were tied for fourth with 27.5 points and JF Caron was just a half point behind them. So although the battle for the top of the podium was between Tom Stoltman and Shaw, third place was very much up for grabs.

The Atlas Stones event was made up of five stones of ascending weight from 310 to 465 pounds. Each competitor raced to load all five stones onto pedestals in the fastest time possible.

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2021 World’s Strongest Man Atlas Stone Results

1. Tom Stoltman — Five stones, 20.21 seconds
2. Maxime Boudreault — Five stones, 28.63 seconds
3. Brian Shaw — Five stones, 31.45 seconds
4. Trey Mitchell — Five stones, 37.26 seconds
5. JF Caron — Five stones, 37.17 seconds
6. Konstantine Janashia — Four stones, 20.81 seconds
7. Adam Bishop — Four stones, 30.62 seconds
8. Luke Stoltman — Four stones, 33.50 seconds
9. Eythor Ingolfsson Melsted — Four stones, 33.65 seconds
10. Bobby Thompson — Withdrew

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Eythor Ingolfsson Melsted

Ingolfsson Melsted ran the first heat on the stones alone as Bobby Thompson withdrew from the competition after needing medical attention following both the Log Lift and Deadlift events.

Ingolfsson sped through the first three stones before putting the last of his effort in hoisting the fourth stone. He decided not to attempt the fifth stone and locked in a time of 33.65 seconds.

JF Caron vs. Adam Bishop

Caron sped through the first three stones and took the lead. He also hoisted the fourth stone. Both men reached the fifth stone within a second of each other. Caron got the fifth stone locked in for a time of 37.17 seconds. Bishop attempted a fifth stone but opted to bow out with four stones in a time of 30.62 seconds.

After the heat, Caron needed assistance to walk out of lifting area due to suffering a hamstring injury earlier in the Finals.

Maxime Boudreault vs. Konstantine Janashia

Janashia looked swift through the first three stones. Boudreault kept the pace and caught up by Stone four. Both men attacked the fifth stone simultaneously and it was Boudreault who loaded it first for an official time of 28.63. Janashia was unable to load the fifth stone and settled for a time of 20.81 seconds.

Luke Stoltman vs. Trey Mitchell

Boudreault posted an impressive time that raised the stakes on this heat as all three men were vying for a spot on the podium. Mitchell decided to run the event without his shirt — it was 99 degrees outside.

Stoltman struggled with the first stone allowing Mitchell to take a full Stone lead. Mitchell missed his first arrempt on the fifth stone but had time to recover and score it for an official time of 37.26 seconds.

Stoltman attempted the fifth stone but dropped it. A quick rush from the medical team ensued after Stoltman fell backwards but he just lost his balance. He bowed out with four stones in 33.50 seconds.

Tom Stoltman vs. Brian Shaw


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The highest stakes heat was saved for last. As the announcer stated, “This is pretty much a shoot out.” Whoever won this heat would claim the 2021 WSM title.

The roar of the crowd built as both men took their starting positions. Stoltman power lifted the second stone to take the lead and he didn’t give it back. An absolute blitz speed for Stoltman — he scored all five stones in 20.21 seconds and won the title.

Shaw did manage to load all five stones in 31.45 seconds to earn a silver medal on the podium. Tom Stoltman of Scotland is the 2021 WSM champion.

Feature image courtesy of World’s Strongest Man