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2022 CrossFit Games Event Nine “Hat Trick” Results — Turner and Malheiros Go Full-Send to First Place

Mal O'Brien made a three-point dent in Tia-Clair Toomey's overall lead. Justin Medeiros finished 10 ranks ahead of Ricky Garard to retake the overall lead.

The Individual Men’s leaderboard was heating up as defending Fittest Man on Earth®, Justin Medeiros, closed the gap between him and overall leader Ricky Garard for the second straight event. However, Roman Khrennikov, in third place overall, scored a big event win in Event Eight, pushing him just 21 points shy of Medeiros.

Tia-Clair Toomey took a fourth-place finish in Event Eight to extend her overall lead on Mal O’Brien. It would be a stunning turn of events if Toomey somehow conceded that lead to O’Brien in the final five events. However, anything is possible, as was shown by Toomey’s stumble on Day One. Ultimately, O’Brien took a three-point chunk out of Toomey’s overall lead.

Event Nine — “Hat Trick” Results

Here are the full results:

Individual Women’s Results

  1. Ellie Turner — 3:55.94
  2. Mal O’Brien — 4:04.66
  3. Tia-Clair Toomey — 4:08.66
  4. Danielle Brandon — 4:08.80
  5. Kara Saunders — 4:10.73
  6. Gabriela Migała — 4:15.81
  7. Paige Semenza — 4:19.35
  8. Laura Horvath — 4:19.41
  9. Emma Lawson — 4:20.22
  10. Amanda Barnhart — 4:20.61

Individual Men’s Results

  1. Guilherme Malheiros — 3:44.18
  2. Justin Medeiros — 4:01.83
  3. Dallin Pepper — 4:06.23
  4. Nick Mathew — 4:07.78
  5. Brent Fikowski — 4:08.70
  6. Lazar Đukić — 4:08.82
  7. Roman Khrennikov — 4:11.24
  8. Tudor Magda — 4:12.96
  9. Jeffrey Adler — 4:14.48
  10. Patrick Vellner — 4:14.77

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Event Nine — Hat Trick

Three rounds for total time of:

Rest four minutes between rounds.

Women: 14-pound ball to 11 feet, snatch 70-pound dumbbell | Men: 20-pound ball to 12 feet, snatch 100-pound dumbbell


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Event Nine Recap

The commentary team identified technique and intensity as the key metrics to convert the best times. The goal was to move fast and use the four minutes between rounds to recover. The heats were such that the opposing heat performed during the other’s rest period.

Turner made it through the wall balls first to move through the snatches. She crossed the finished line at 1:17, eight seconds before Prevost in second. The second heat of athletes sprinted across the field, with the majority getting to the wall balls approximately 15 seconds in.

Toomey fumbled her first wall ball shot but recovered well to move smoothly through the rest of the event. She and O’Brien moved in sync through the snatches. Toomey got over the finish line a few moments before O’Brien to win the first round.

The first heat got back to the starting line for round two. The general sprint down the field was about two seconds faster than the previous heat. Turner made it to the dumbbells first for a second straight round. She crossed the finish line at 1:15. Choi crossed 10 seconds later.

According to commentator Niki Brazier, the 90-degree heat felt “muggy” as the second round for heat two got underway. Toomey, O’Brien, O’Connell, and Horvath got through to the snatches first. Toomey was two steps ahead of O’Brien, enough to cross the finish line first for the second straight round.

Turner aimed to go three-for-three in heat one. She cleared the wall balls by the 50-second mark and got to work on the snatches. She got across the finish line first, completing the “hat trick.” Her time in round three was 1:18.36.

Toomey missed her first wall ball shot in the final round and got another no-rep a few moments later. That was the opening Mal O’Brien needed. She made it through the snatches and crossed the finish line first, followed by Brandon.


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Men’s Heats

Malheiros was the first athlete to the dumbbell snatches and crossed the finish line under 1:20. Pepper came across six seconds after alongside Greashaber. Zenoni got time-capped and was sifted into a different heat that would not allow him to challenge for the higher ranks.

In heat two, Medeiros crossed the finish line first at 1:20, just behind Malheiros’ time in heat one. Garard didn’t cross until four seconds after Medeiros. The commentary team suggested that Garard was executing round one a bit more conservative than he should of. It ultimately came at a four-second deficit to Medeiros.

Heat one athletes got back on the floor. Fikowski upped his intensity to maintain pace with Malheiros, bounding through his wall balls. The duo went to the snatches in a synchronized fashion, but Malheiros’ cycle rate was too fast to overcome. Malheiros improved on his round one time by about six seconds.

The second round for heat two was a race between Medeiros and Khrennikov for first. Medeiros scored a second-round win, though it was still slower than Malheiros. Khrennikov got second in the round as Garard finished 10th in the heat. It appeared this event was yet another significant opportunity for Medeiros and Khrennikov to make up ground on Garard on the overall leaderboard.

Malheiros was the overall leader in the event as he dashed down the field for round three. He was first out of the rig and cleared the dumbbell snatches without issue. He crossed the finish line to score the hat trick and all but clinch the event win. Fikowski put in some solid work in the event running next to Malheiros but didn’t have the cycle rate in the snatches to overtake the Brazilian.

Medeiros finished the wall balls a full rep ahead of Garard. The defending champ gave up no time in the snatches, and Medeiros completed the hat trick in heat two. It wasn’t enough to overtake Malheiros, but it was enough to take the overall lead in the competition from Garard.

One More On Day Four

Event 10 is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. CDT. There will be a cut of the bottom 10 athletes in each Individual division on the overall leaderboard after event 10. The final day of competition on Aug. 7, 2022, has three events scheduled before the Fittest on Earth® are crowned.

Featured image: @malobrien_ on Instagram