2022 Rogue Invitational CrossFit Event 9 — The Goblet Results & Recap

Vellner and Lawson’s finishes put them in podium contention with one event left.

The leaderboard again shifted after the second-to-last competition event at the 2022 Rogue Invitational on Sunday afternoon.

Patrick Vellner put himself within five points of overall leader (and eventual winner) Justin Medeiros with his event win. Fellow Canadian Emma Lawson made a move herself as her event win put her in third place overall and within striking distance of second place. (She ended up placing third overall.)

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Event Nine Workout — “The Goblet”

Seven rounds for time of:

Event Nine Results

The longest workout outside of the trail run, this workout included seven rounds that once again taxed the legs of the athletes. Seventy-seven total heavy goblet squats awaited the athletes with the sprint up the hill in centerfield, not providing any rest.

For the second time, no one in the women’s field completed the workout, while 14 men finished under the 15-minute time cap.

Men’s Results

  1. Patrick Vellner — 13:15.08 (5:15)
  2. Cole Sager — 13:16.29 (5:17)
  3. Jeffrey Adler — 13:28.43 (5:16)
  4. Scott Tetlow — 13:45.42 (5:18)
  5. Ricky Garard — 13:45.97 (5:13)
  6. Noah Ohlsen — 13:48.70 (5:27)
  7. Justin Medeiros — 13:54.90 (5:30)
  8. Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 14:03.19 (5:22)
  9. Jonne Koski — 14:17.31 (5:28)
  10. Lazar Dukic — 14:17.98 (5:49)
  11. Chandler Smith — 14:25.12 (5:36)
  12. Jayson Hopper — 14:34.59 (5:30
  13. Saxon Panchik — 14:37.0 (5:21)
  14. Nick Mathew — 14:37.0 (5:46)
  15. Samuel Kwant — CAP+3 (5:38)
  16. Roman Khrennikov — CAP+12 (5:53)
  17. Jack Farlow — CAP+13 (6:13)
  18. Tim Paulson — CAP+15 (6:22
  19. Jorge Fernandez — CAP+32 (6:28)

Women’s Results

  1. Emma Lawson — CAP+0 (5:49)
  2. Matilde Garnes — CAP+11 (5:48)
  3. Manon Angonese — CAP+11 (6:07)
  4. Emma McQuaid — CAP+11 (6:07)
  5. Kara Saunders — CAP+11 (6:17)
  6. Arielle Loewen — CAP+14 (6:06)
  7. Laura Horvath — CAP+16 (6:06)
  8. Jaqueline Dahlstrøm — CAP+18 (6:30)
  9. Carolyne Prevost — CAP+19 (6:41)
  10. Annie Thorisdottir — CAP+21 (6:22)
  11. Ellie Turner — CAP+21 (6:28)
  12. Alexis Raptis — CAP+21 (6:36)
  13. Bailey Rogers — CAP+21 (6:42)
  14. Danielle Brandon — CAP+26 (5:57)
  15. Gabriela Migała — CAP+28 (7:18)
  16. Anikha Greer — CAP+32 (6:49)
  17. Amanda Barnhart — CAP+35 (7:09)
  18. Dani Speegle —CAP+42 (8:32)
  19. Olivia Kerstetter — CAP+49 (8:08)
  20. Andrea Solberg — CAP+59 (9:18)

Women’s Event Nine Highlights

For the second time this weekend, Lawson won a workout that no one, including herself, could finish. The 17-year-old finished her final set of goblet squats right at the buzzer. 

Norwegian Matilde Garnes placed second, her best finish in the competition, 11 reps behind Lawson. In third place was Manon Angonese, the top finisher in the first heat. It was her second-straight top-three finish.

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Fresh off her event win in the morning, Emma McQuaid placed fourth; Kara Saunders placed fifth, which was the Australian’s fourth top-five finish.

Laura Horvath bounced back from her disappointing finish in “Snatch and Press” to place seventh, essentially clinching the Rogue Invitational title as she sat 35 points ahead of Annie Thorisdottir on the overall leaderboard with one event to go.

Men’s Event Nine Highlights

Patrick Vellner wasn’t ready to concede the Rogue title. His performance in Event 9 proved that as he dominated the field with grit and resolve, earning the Canadian his first event win of the competition. As a result, he entered the final event five points ahead of defending Rogue champion Justin Medeiros.

He finished 10 seconds ahead of fellow countryman Jeffrey Adler in the heat. Adler would finish third overall as Cole Sager took second with a time of 13:16.29 in the opening heat.

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Scott Tetlow recorded his second-straight top-five finish with a time of 13:45.42 to place fourth, his best finish of the weekend. Ricky Garard bounced back from a disappointing finish in the previous event and finished fifth.

Roman Khrennikov had his worst finish of the weekend, placing 17th, which dropped him out of the podium spot on the overall leaderboard.

Vellner’s finish sets up a finale that will be interesting to watch as he looks to snap Medeiros’s streak of dominance in live competitions. Medeiros has won four-straight live competitions heading into the Rogue Invitational.

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