3 New Sanctioned CrossFit Events Announced for 2020 Games Season

It has been huge couple of weeks for the sport of CrossFit. If you’ve been following along with all of the updates, then you’re probably aware that the official rulebook for the 2019 CrossFit Games season was recently released. The Rulebook covered some of the nitty gritty details that many athletes and fans had been waiting for and also confirmed a couple of huge changes to the CrossFit Games format.

As of right now, there will be 15 sanctioned CrossFit competitions (Sanctionals) taking place during the 2019 CrossFit Games season. But we’re also receiving information on next year’s season as well. Before today, we knew the locations of three confirmed Sanctioned competitions for 2020, and CrossFit, Inc. just announced three more, which now brings the total to six. There has been no word if any of the 2019 sanctioned CrossFit competitions will roll over to the 2020 season. Check out the latest three announced sanctioned events below.

New Sanctioned CrossFit Events for 2020 Season

1. CrossFit Filthy 150

  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • When: November 2019

2. CrossFit Atlas Games

  • Location: Quebec, Canada
  • When: March 2020

3. Canada West CrossFit Championship

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • When: March 2020


2020 Sanctioned CrossFit Events (What We Know So Far)

  • The SouthFit CrossFit Challenge — November 2019
  • CrossFit Filthy Fifty — November 2019
  • Pandaland CrossFit Championship — December 2019
  • CrossFit Atlas Games — March 2020
  • West Coast Classic — March 2020
  • Canada West CrossFit Championship — June 2020

Details About Sanctioned CrossFit Events

In lead up to the official 2019 CrossFit Games Rulebook announcement, there had been a lot of speculation as to where the sanctioned CrossFit competitions would fall in relationship to the CrossFit Games. Would they be directly connected like the “Regionals” of previous years were, or would they be completely separate?

As per the Rulebook’s announcement, we learned that sanctioned CrossFit competitions are not connected to the CrossFit Games directly, but they have the ability to qualify first place finishers in the men’s, women’s, and team division (elite) for the Games. A first place finish and qualification to the CrossFit Games at a sanctioned competition also allows winning athletes to opt out of competing in the CrossFit Open if they so choose. That said, the Rulebook pointed out that not partaking in the Open would impact an athlete’s ranking in the lead up to the Games, as the rankings are based off of CrossFit Open scores. Exactly how significant an athlete’s Open ranking is to this year’s CrossFit Games is not yet clear.

Below, we’ve included the schedule for the 15 sanctioned competitions taking place during the 2019 CrossFit Games season.

2019 Sanctioned CrossFit Event Schedule

1. Dubai Championships — December 2018
2. Wodapalooza – January 2019 (Here’s how to watch Wodapalooza 2019)
3. Australian CrossFit Championship — January 2019
4. CrossFit Fittest In Capetown — February 2019
5. CrossFit Strength In Depth — February 2019
6. CrossFit French Throwdown — April 2019
7. Asian CrossFit Championship — April 2019
8. Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge — April 2019
9. The CrossFit Italian Showdown — April 2019
10. Brazil CrossFit Championship — May 2019
11. The CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown — May 2019
12. Downunder CrossFit Championship — May 2019
13. Reykjavik CrossFit Championship — May 2019
14. CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown — May 2019
15. Granite Games — June 2019

This year’s season is unprecedented in many ways, but we’re certainly looking forward to watching.

Feature image from @crossfitgames Instagram page.