9 Mesmerizing Lifting Equipment Drop Tests Worth Watching

I’ve now spent roughly 30-minutes of my day watching lifting equipment drop tests (don’t tell my boss, but day well spent). This is all thanks to Eleiko for sharing their most recent B&R Half Rack drop test video…thanks a lot, Eleiko.

As a lifter the thought – “Will this equipment hold up and keep me safe if I drop the weight?” – never really comes up. It’s always assumed that equipment will hold as weight plummets toward it. I think that’s why these videos are so interesting to watch.

There’s something so captivating about watching 500lbs crash into a rack while a barbell bends like a noodle. When a piece of equipment fails during a drop, then there becomes risk of injury.

This is why it’s always nice to see fitness companies backing their promises by putting equipment through batteries of tests. Personally, I love these videos, so I pulled my seven favorite drop test videos and made them into an article for other lifters’ enjoyment.

1. Eleiko B&R Half Rack Drop Test

This aforementioned video features an Eleiko B&R Half Rack having 275kg (605 lbs) .5 meters above the safety racks dropped. Followed by 305kg (671 lbs) dropped from a height of 1.2 meters above the safety racks. Watch the bar bend (hey, that’s us!) so gracefully.

2. Rogue Fitness Tests New Drop Pads

Drop pads should be firm, but soft enough to catch weight without it bouncing like crazy. Rogue Fitness showed off their lifting pads by dropping a Slater Austrian Oak Log on them from what looks like at least 10ish feet.

3. Eleiko XF Bumper Drop Test

Bumper plates can go a little rogue at times. That’s why I liked this video, which has Eleiko dropping their plates from different heights on different surfaces. Plus, the black and white picture makes me feel like it’s an old-timely movie.

4. Rogue Fitness 405lb Drop Test On R4 Pin/Pipe Safeties

This is one of the videos that hit home with me. First, 405lbs is a weight I’d be using (try not to look surprised) Second, the safety pins are similar to the racks I and many others use.

5. 405lb Monolift Drop Test

This is not a formal company test, but strength athletes testing their equipment. The video features two athletes testing an Elite FTS monolift with a 405 lb drop.

6. 320kg HPRSP Commercial Power Rack Drop Test

These racks are common among gyms everywhere and it’s comforting to see them hold a 320kg (704 lb) drop. The bar rolls so slowly off the forklift that you can’t help but sit at the edge of your seat.

7. Cheap Barbell Bend Test

This video is nuts. It’s not really a company testing their equipment, but a man with a goal to bend a bar. Beyond The Press takes a cheap barbell and puts an insane amount of weight on it to see how long it takes to bend.

8. 10 lb Bumper Plate Roof Drop

Typically bumper plates claim to last at least 10,000 drops. To test this theory the guys from the Fringe YouTube channel tested to see if 10lb bumper plates could withstand a drop from a roof.

9. Uesaka Barbell 2020 Olympic Platform Test

Ever wonder what goes into making the official Olympic weightlifting platforms? Check out Uesaka Barbell dropping 300kg from over 15 feet to test the 2020 Olympic platforms.

Hopefully these videos mesmerized you as much as they did myself. Personally, I hope more companies begin to follow in Rogue and Eleiko’s footsteps and post their video equipment tests.

Feature image from Eleiko YouTube page.