Author: Samantha Poeth


The Best Types of Conditioning Work for Weightlifters

Olympic weightlifting and conditioning aren’t generally two words you would find in the same sentence, but an appropriate level of conditioning can actually be beneficial to your overall training and performance. Let me


3 Tips for Pulling Under the Bar in Olympic Weightlifting

It’s not uncommon, especially in beginning lifters or lifters transferring to weightlifting after competing in other sports, to have difficulty getting under the bar while completing full snatches and cleans. After spending a


4 Tips for Training Masters Weightlifters

Along with the continuous participation growth of Olympic Weightlifting at the Youth, Junior, and Senior levels, we are also seeing an increased interest in Masters level competition. For those of you who may


Why People Get Hooked on Weightlifting

A few days ago, the father of one of my teammates gave me a call to talk to about my performance at the National Championships as well as a few other ideas he

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