Watch Clarence Kennedy and Spencer Moorman Go Head-to-Head in a Lift Off

Olympic weightlifting personalities Clarence Kennedy and Spencer Moorman descended on 646 Weightlifting Gym in Toronto this week for a lift off, and the entire two-hour event was streamed on the weightlifting app Gravitus and on YouTube. You can watch the whole thing below, but we’ve put together the highlights a little further down.

Some pretty serious lifts were made throughout the “meet,” with Kennedy dominating the snatches. His heaviest snatch was 180 kilograms (397 pounds), just five kilograms shy of his all-time PR.

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He also pulled off a clean & jerk of 200 kilograms (441 pounds) at a bodyweight of 97 kilograms (213.8 pounds).

He then tried for a 210kg (463lb) clean & jerk (his PR is 220kg), but he tweaked his shoulder at the lockout, putting him out of commission for the rest of the day.

This meant that Spencer Moorman actually won the clean & jerks for the day, hitting a 201kg (443.1lb) lift.

However, his snatches were a little lower than Kennedy’s. Moorman hit 160kg and had three very close misses at 170kg. We’ve embedded the video below at the 160kg lift.

Moorman is also significantly heavier than his opponent, weighing in at 111kg (245lb), so the highest Sinclair of the day went to Clarence Kennedy.

Kennedy also faced off against his coaching client and YouTube personality Omar Isuf in an arm wrestling match. They appeared to be evenly matched for a few moments, but the struggle was over within five seconds.

This was a pretty cool event that 646 Weightlifting put on. Even though the lift-off was clearly more of an exhibition match (the athletes were more than 20 pounds apart in weight, after all), it’s pretty rare to see Kennedy “compete” against other athletes.

Here’s hoping we see more events like this in the future.

Featured image via @tfbphoenix and @646weightlifting on Instagram.