Eddie Hall Integrates HIIT Into His Boxing Prep

The 2017 World Strongest Man is building up his cardio for the big bout against Hafthor Bjornsson.

Eddie Hall recently shared what a full day of eating looks like for him on his adapted 6,000 boxing diet. Normally, that kind of eating was paired with multiple training sessions at the gym that focused on conditioning and boxing.

The 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion is back again, but this time with an inside look on how he is working to further develop his cardio — something very much needed when stepping into the boxing ring with the 6 foot 9 inch tall Hafthor Bjornsson.

Hall’s go to training? High intensity interval workouts (HIIT).

“For up to 32 minutes, we are keeping the heart rate above the aerobic threshold.”

Check out the strongman navigate a 32 minute workout that aimed to maintain an elevated heart rate in the video below from his YouTube channel. It included some pretty obscure exercises, such as swinging a baseball bat at a heavy bag.

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The workout consisted of a sequence of eight exercises performed for two rounds. Those exercises were:

Aside from the prowlers and kettlebell swings, this workout put a lot of focus on bodyweight movements to keep his heart rate elevated. The combination of HIIT workouts and adjusted diet has already enabled Hall to drop a significant amount of weight, something Bjornsson has been matching him on.

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Although the baseball bat swings against a heavy bag might seem peculiar, the focus on rotational power will likely serve Hall well when throwing punches at “The Mountain” in September 2021. Hook punches, crosses, and uppercuts are all movements that require rotational strength and explosiveness.

Hall was ultimately able to complete the workout in 24 minutes hitting a max heart rate of 166bpm and mentioned that the most difficult movement was the burpees despite his pacing on them being a bit more measured.

“Good session. Really pleased with today.”


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If he continues this kind of diet and training for the next year, we’ll likely see a version of Eddie Hall in Las Vegas unlike we’ve ever seen before.

Feature image from Eddie Hall’s Instagram page: @eddiehallwsm