Eric Leija: How the Primal Swoledier Makes His Workouts

Eric Leija is a master Onnit trainer who’s better known online as the Primal Swoledier. Every day, Eric posts innovative kettlebell and bodyweight flows that have helped him build a massive following; his workouts are a bit unlike anything else you’ll find in the space. We catch up with Eric to talk about how he creates and programs workouts, the most overrated kettlebell movement, and lessons learned from an intense bulk-and-cut transformation he underwent just a couple years ago.

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Eric Leija about:

  • How Eric came up with the “Primal Swoledier” nickname (2:14)
  • The initial inspiration behind Eric’s first kettlebell flows (4:16)
  • Growing his following through easy-to-follow workouts (7:20)
  • What kettlebell flows are best as accessory work (9:01)
  • A typical week of Eric’s training (10:15)
  • The secret to Eric’s trademark “sheen” during his workouts (13:50)
  • Myths and misconceptions about Eric’s style of training (14:46)
  • The most overrated kettlebell movements (17:00)
  • “Walking the walk” as a coach and example of his own training efficacy (19:44)
  • Eric’s insane 50-pound bulk (22:00)
  • Cutting down after an extended bulking period (26:15)
  • Where Eric looks to expand his own knowledge base (28:50)

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