Evan Singleton’s Tips for Aspiring Strongman Athletes

Singleton always takes his pre-workouts and does sufficient stretching during warm-ups.

The number of professional strongman athletes at the elite level of the sport is pretty static. Unless your name is Mitchell Hooper, breaking into the pro scene and riding the train of competitive invitations is no small feat.

One of the American strongmen who has accomplished that is Evan Singleton. According to Strongman Archives, Singleton made his pro strongman debut at the 2018 Giants Live North American Open, finishing eighth out of 12 competitors. Since then, his trajectory has been steadily upward, including three elite contest victories to his resume: the 2019 Giants Live North American Open, the 2021 Giants Live World Open, and the 2021 Arnold Strongman Classic UK.

On March 13, 2023, Singleton took to his YouTube channel to share the tips he recommends aspiring strongman athletes adopt to reach the elite level of the sport. Check it out below:

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Pre-Workout & Warm-Up

Singleton does not train unless he has taken one of his two preferred pre-workouts and allows for enough time to kick in. His supplement stack before training consists of the following:

“It’s everything I need to have a very successful training session,” says Singleton, who appreciates the boost in blood pressure that his supplement stack offers him in addition to the requisite energy to move weights as heavy as he does.

It makes me that crazy, animalistic monster that you see training.

Once in the gym, Singleton takes his time warming up. He isn’t interested in the quick five minutes on a treadmill that other routine gym-goers might use.

Make sure everything is limber, stretched out…warm…joints are feeling good…muscles are ready to fire.

Singleton’s warm-ups typically last 30 minutes minimum, especially on heavy lifting days. The session in the video focused on heavy deadlifts.

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Get Emotional With Music

Singleton’s music choices when training are genres or artists that he emotionally invests himself in to assume the mindset he needs to pull a heavily loaded barbell. When training, Singleton leans towards heavy metal but can’t listen to it when he isn’t attempting to get violent on a barbell.

I can’t listen to heavy metal outside the gym. I get a physical response to it: I get really hot; goosebumps, easily agitated.

Singleton maxed out his session with a 399.2-kilogram (880-pound) equipped deadlift double.

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Don’t Train Your One-Rep Max

While it might be necessary for a powerlifter to know their one-rep max, Singleton doesn’t think that is necessarily useful information to have as a strongman. While establishing max weight is routine in strongman events, just as many events for reps are featured in elite contests.

100 percent is for the platform, not the gym.

In strongman, unless an athlete is attempting a world record, it is rare for anyone to attempt a one-rep max unless another competitor compels them to do so.

For example, during the Flintstone Barbell event at the 2022 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest, 2020 WSM champion Oleksii Novikov set the world record by hoisting 246 kilograms (542 pounds) overhead. However, he only attempted that weight because a successful lockout meant winning the event and the crucial points that came with it. Had he been able to stop a round sooner, he would have.

The secret to being a pro strongman is to shut the f*** up and do the work. Eat your food, get your rest [and] recovery, and above all else…lift some heavy f***ing weight.

Singleton’s next scheduled strongman contest is the 2023 WSM competition in Myrtle Beach, SC, on April 19-23, 2023.

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