Hydrow Wave Rower Review

Catch a wave on the Hydrow Wave Rower.

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Building a home gym typically includes adding a solid piece of cardio equipment into the mix. While treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes might be the most commonly sought after products, you shouldn’t sleep on a rowing machine, like the Hydrow Wave Rower. There are many benefits of rowing machines, such as their low-impact nature and the fact that a rowing workout works around 85 percent of your body. This rower features electromagnetic resistance and a 16-inch touchscreen display — plus, it can store vertically if you purchase the vertical anchor. 

The Hydrow Wave Rower will cost you around $1,700 before your Hydrow membership, which is a decent price considering the features included. It’s also more compact than some other options, making it an ideal choice for those tight on space. The 13-inch foot pedals will accommodate most athletes — plus, they’re adjustable. Despite only weighing 102 pounds, the Wave can support up to 375 pounds, and the railing is long enough for athletes over six feet tall. If you’re searching for a reliable, high-quality rower that mimics what you’d feel on the open water, you might’ve found your match in the Hydrow Wave Rower.

Main Takeaways

  • The adjustable magnetic resistance is smooth and is reminiscent of rowing on a body of water.
  • The 16-inch touchscreen display gains you access to the Hydrow subscription service with a catalog of over 4,000 live and on-demand workouts ranging from rowing to yoga.
  • Purchasing the vertical anchor allows for easy vertical storage.
Hydrow Wave Rower
Hydrow Wave Rower
Hydrow Wave Rower

This luxury rower is equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen display and offers automatic adjustments to the resistance based on your rowing efforts.

Hydrow Wave Rower Highlights

The Hydrow Wave Rower offers excellent value for those who want a luxury rower but are a little tight on space. The electromagnetic flywheel is belt driven, leading to a relatively quiet workout, and overall, the Hydrow Wave does a solid job of mimicking rowing on water. You can adjust the resistance level manually from levels 50 to 300, but the default setting of 104 provides the most natural feeling. While rowing, you’ll notice the resistance automatically adjusts based on how hard you row. So the harder you pull, the more resistance you’ll face, while your workout becomes easier if you put less “oomph” into your pulls. We found this to be both unique and helpful during our workouts.

It’s worth noting that to achieve the best possible experience with the Wave Rower, you’ll have to pay either $44 a month for the Hydrow membership or choose from one of the three yearly options. With your membership, you’ll gain access to over 4,000 live and on-demand workouts that include a wide variety of on- and off-rower workouts, such as strength training, body conditioning, and much more. While the $1,700 price tag might make it fall out of some people’s budget, we think the Hydrow Wave Rower offers a solid value and is worthy of that price tag.


  • The option for vertical storage makes room for off-rower workouts that come with your Hydrow membership.
  • The electromagnetic resistance auto-adjusts to how hard you row.
  • The 375-pound weight capacity will support most athletes.


  • The $1,700 price tag may not be ideal for everyone.
  • While the Hydrow Wave is intended to be used in tandem with the Hydrow membership, this only adds to an already costly purchase.
  • The lack of a fan may not be ideal for those who sweat a lot.


You can purchase the Hydrow Wave Rower for right around $1,700, but the final price tag is determined by a few factors. Besides paying for a membership plan, changing the color of your rower will cost you $300, the vertical anchor is $190, the two-year extended warranty is about $150, and the three-year extended warranty is $200. The rower with the one-year membership will run you around $2,170, the two-year plan is roughly $2,650, and the three-year plan is about $3,200. If you go all out, you could potentially spend over $4,000 on this rower.

While the Wave can end up costing a good chunk of change, we think the price is reasonable, considering the features that are included. If you’re strapped for cash, you might be better off with a budget rower. However, if you’re sold on it, Hydrow offers financing through Klarna, where you’ll make monthly payments that start at around $36.

Overall Build and Quality

The Hyrdow Wave Rower features a stainless steel rail and a thermoplastic polymer frame. But we don’t think you need to worry about the plastic, as this bad boy feels rock solid. It’s 43 inches tall, 80 inches long, and 19 inches wide, but if you purchase the vertical anchor, the length is cut down to 30 inches when stored vertically. It’s super easy to move around since it only weighs 102 pounds and sports a respectable weight capacity of 375 pounds. 

The 13-inch long foot pedals allow for ankle flexion, and they’re adjustable for those with bigger feet. What really steals the show for this rower is the automatic resistance adjustments. This is unique, as it mimics how rowing on a lake or river feels. The harder you row, the more resistance you feel, and vice versa.


The Hydrow Wave Rower is the definition of a luxury rower. The 16-inch touchscreen display is where you’ll browse the thousands of workout classes, and your metrics will appear at the bottom of the screen while rowing. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair your favorite earbuds or a speaker, and you can pair a heart rate monitor to track your HRV. The seat is pretty comfortable for a rower, and the belt-driven flywheel leads to a relatively quiet workout.

Stat Tracking and Display 

We loved the 16-inch touchscreen display during our workouts with this rower. It’s like Goldilocks and The Three Bears, not too big, not too small — just right. During your workouts, you’ll find a stat bar at the bottom of the screen that consists of your beats per minute, strokes per minute, calories burned, meters traveled, and your average time per 500 meters. The time per 500 meters stat represents your power output, so the harder you row, the lower your split number.

Included workouts

Aside from the “just row” option, there are no included workouts with the Hydrow Wave, and you must sign up for a membership to Hydrow to access the workouts.

Workout Apps, Compatibility, and Subscription Options

Hydrow has its own app that you can use to track your workouts and join additional classes that don’t involve the rower. The app is also compatible with Strava, so you can easily keep track of your running or rowing workouts by synching it through the Hydrow app.

When you purchase the Wave Rower, you’ll be presented with three yearly membership plans to Hydrow on top of the $44 monthly option. The one-year plan is about $530, but you can only purchase the two- and three-year plans when purchasing your rower. 


The belt-driven magnetic flywheel on this rower leads to a smooth drag while rowing. It provides a feel and resistance that’s similar to rowing on water, and the automatic adjustments add to that feeling.

Ergonomics and Comfort

While no rowing machine is necessarily comfortable, we felt as if the seat on the Wave Rower was about as comfortable as you’ll find on a workout machine. The seat sits 14.5 inches off the ground and is 12 inches wide. The adjustable foot pedals are 13 inches long and allow for ankle flexion during your rowing workouts


The handlebar is about as basic as can be. It’s pretty smooth, but we never felt as if our grip was compromised as we began to sweat.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Hydrow Wave Rower offers Bluetooth connectivity with heart rate monitors.

Bluetooth and Audio Options

In addition to pairing a heart rate monitor, the Hydrow Wave also allows you to pair your earbuds or a speaker for your audio. Or, you can simply utilize the two front-facing speakers located under the touchscreen display.

Product Specs

Hydrow used a mix of aluminum, steel, and thermoplastic polymer to forge the frame of the Wave Rower. This leads to it only weighing 102 pounds, but it still has a respectable weight capacity of 375 pounds. Some folks may be alarmed that plastic is involved in the frame, but we never felt as if durability was an issue. The 52-inch monorail is smooth, and the magnetic flywheel leads to a quiet workout experience.

Rower Type and Resistance 

This is a magnetic rower. The magnets create resistance by resisting the polarity of the flywheel, which creates drag. So the closer the magnets are to the flywheel, the harder it is to row, and vice versa. 

While that form of resistance is pretty common among rowers, the automatic adjustments, on the other hand, are not. As you row, your workout becomes more difficult the harder you row and easier as you ease up on your pulls — which is how it is on the water. It’s also relatively quiet, so if you have roommates or family members, they won’t be complaining about your early morning workouts

Track Length and Height

The seat on this rower is 14.5 inches off the ground, which is right around the industry standard. The 52-inch track length and 25-inch belt travel distance are both long enough for most athletes to work out comfortably. In fact, Hydrow states that the Wave Rower can meet the needs of those with up to a 36-inch inseam, which is about 6’3”.

Weight Capacity

With a weight capacity of 375 pounds, most athletes can get solid usage out of this rower.

Folding Options and Dimensions

The Hydrow Wave Rower measures 80 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 43 inches tall. While it doesn’t fold, you can store it vertically if you purchase the vertical wall mount; it’s shorter than some of its competitors, so those tight on space might find this to be one of the better options for them.

Electrical Requirements

All you need to power the Hydrow Wave Rower is a standard 110v outlet in your home.


While all cardio equipment is bound to make some noise, we were pleasantly surprised by how relatively quiet the Hydrow Wave Rower was during our time with it, thanks to the belt-driven magnetic flywheel. 


Hydrow offers a five-year warranty on the frame, a one-year warranty for components (screen, handle, strap, etc.), and a one-year labor warranty. You can add on a two- or three-year extended warranty upon purchasing your rower or within 60 days of your order date.

Places to Buy

You can purchase the Hydrow Wave Rower directly through the Hydrow website. 

Company Information

Based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Hydrow has been manufacturing its luxury rowers since 2017 — but they also offer an extensive workout app that covers all aspects of fitness. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a refund, but you will have $250 taken off of your total to cover shipping. To speak to a team member, you can call them at 833-889-3121.

Final Word

The Hydrow Wave Rower is a luxury rowing machine that is ideal for those tight on space due to its shorter build and vertical storage possibilities. The magnetic resistance will automatically adjust during your workouts based on how hard you pull each stroke, and the drag on this rower is also super smooth, both of which can help it feel more like you’re rowing on water. 

The 16-inch touchscreen display showcases your stats while rowing and grants access to thousands of online workouts. The track length is long enough for most athletes, and it’s also relatively quiet overall. While the $1,700 starting price tag may be too expensive for some, we think the high-quality, natural feel, and extensive workout classes could make for an excellent addition to your home gym.


How much does the Hydrow Wave Rower cost?

The base price of this rower is $1,700. However, the final price tag is determined by your choice of Hydrow membership plan, the color of your model, and whether or not you want to add on any accessories or an extended warranty. So you could potentially spend over $4,000 on this rower.

Does the Hydrow Wave Rower fold?

No, but you do have the option to purchase a wall anchor for vertical storage.

What type of resistance does the Hydrow Wave Rower have?

This rower features electromagnetic resistance, which is common amongst rowers, but the automatic adjustment feature is unique. As you row, you’ll notice the difficulty changes on the fly depending on the speed you’re rowing.