Larysa Soloviova Sets Three NEW Records at IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships

This year’s World Open Powerlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida has been one for the record books, literally. With only three days left in the competition, there’s not much time left to check out their live stream.

Earlier in the week we saw Chen Wei-Ling squat 4.5 times her bodyweight to set a new equipped squat world record. On top of that, Chen set the total world record for the women’s 47kg class at 500kg. Yesterday, it was Larysa Soloviova’s turn, and the 38 year old from Ukraine made waves in the powerlifting world. She’s consistently dominated the 63kg (138.6 lb) weight class, and yesterday she set a new equipped world record squat of 241kg (530 lb).

That’s almost four times her bodyweight, and she made it look easy. In addition to her impressive squat, Soloviova also hit a world record 180kg (396 lb) equipped bench press.

If that wasn’t enough, she hit a 220kg (484 lb) deadlift, but missed her third attempt at 232.5kg (510 lb). These lifts combined put her at a 641kg (1,410 lb) equipped total, which is 10.2 times her bodyweight, and earned her another world record.

Her 641kg total earned her another first place victory, which she also has for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 at the IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships.

What may be the most impressive take away from the meet is Soloviova’s Wilks score of 688.5. This score earned her the highest Wilks out of every female competitor in the 63kg weight class and lower for the Open competition. Chen Wei-Ling finished second in regards to Wilks with a score of 675.05.

While the Wilks scoring coefficient can be a little controversial in regards to favoring different weight classes, it’s worth noting Soloviova also has the IPF’s highest-ever recorded Wilks score for a woman. She set this in 2014 at the IPF World Championships with a 240.5kg squat, 168kg bench, and 230kg deadlift. This combination of lifts put her at a 688.87 Wilks, just .3 above what she recorded this year.

With three days remaining in the World Open Powerlifting Championships, we’re excited to see which records continue to be broken. In the meantime, we’ll be here eating our popcorn and getting lifting motivation from these athletes.

Feature image from IPF’s Facebook page.