Watch Powerlifter Lya Bavoil Squat 15lb Over Her World Record in Training

The kind of squat to do when the current world record just isn't enough weight.

French powerlifter and current European Champion Lya Bavoil has been making phenomenal progress in her raw deadlifts lately — just watch this 215-kilo pull from last week. Despite only hitting the competitive powerlifting scene in April 2017, Bavoil, who competes in the -63kg weight class, has never missed the podium in the five events she has competed in.

But while, yes, her deadlift is impressive, we’re here to talk about her birthday squat. 

Check out the Instagram post she shared of her hauling an absolutely massive 200kg (441lbs) lift on her 26th birthday a couple of weeks ago:

What better way for Bavoil to celebrate  than squatting over three times her competition body weight? If that is not impressive enough, this squat is a full 7kg (15lbs) more than the current world record of of 193kg (425lbs).

Oh, and the current world record is the one that she set at the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic Championships in 2019. If you have not yet seen that world record squat, you can check it out here:

Between hoisting these huge lifts and beginning the new decade, Bavoil is clearly gearing up for a big year that will likely involve rewriting the record books again. In her most recent Instagram post, she gives a glimpse of the beginning of her training for the International Powerlifting Federation Classic World Powerlifting Championships, which are scheduled for June 12th through 21st in Minsk, Belarus. In her post she writes:

Translated via Google Translate

“Start of the world prep block.”

Judging from her rapid pace of new personal records, her results, and her training, it is safe to say Bavoil has surrounded herself with a coach and a team that knows how to effectively help her maintain her place at the top of the -63kg class. We wish her the best of luck — that’s a extremely competitive weight class.


What is the current -63kg world record squat?

The current world record squat for the women’s -63kg weight class is 193kg (425lbs).

The record was set by Lya Bavoil of France at the EPF European Classic Championships in 2019.

How many golds has Lya Bavoil won?

Prescillia “Lya” Bavoil has competed five times since her debut at the France Force Athletique Open in 2017.

Of those five appearances, Bavoil has won gold three times including her win at the 2019 European Classic Championships.

Feature image via Lya Bavoil Instagram page: @lya_powerlift