Watch Marisa Inda Pull 182.5kg/402lbs For a Double Deadlift PR

Marisa Inda's deadlift strength keeps getting better and better!

Powerlifter Marisa Inda (-52kg)  is always up to something in the gym, whether it’s pushing herself to new personal lifting records, showing off some inventive workout flows, or highlighting her impressive pull-up work. Here, we’re highlighting a phenomenal workout she recently posted: a massive deadlift double of 182.5kg/402lb for a personal record.

Back in May, we covered her lifetime deadlift PR of 419 lbs, so we had a feeling this was going to shake out to be a big year for Inda. Always the perfectionist, she noted that her most recent deadlift double wasn’t her prettiest of pulls, but it moved well considering. 

Checkout her lift below!

It wasn’t pretty but it’s a PR. 182.5kg/402lbs for a double.

One thing we’ve always admired about Inda is her honesty about the ups and downs of being a powerlifter. Earlier this year when she hit her lifetime PR she posted about her health battle since the 2017 Worlds.

She wrote on her Instagram post:

“Since 2017 Worlds I’ve been dealing with sciatica and haven’t PR’d dead’s at a meet since then. I’ve had to take steps back in training, check my ego and do meets where I did just enough to win.”

Now, she’s back to crushing PRs.

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She’s pretty active with sharing her workouts on Instagram and recently showed off a solid bench press session that included 198 lbs for three reps. About three weeks ago she also shared another deadlift session which involved moving 375lbs/170kg for a five-rep PR.

We’re excited to see when Inda takes the platform next, but in the meantime we’re absolutely here for all the big time training PRs she’s been serving us.

Featured image from @marisainda Instagram page.