Check Out Mart Seim’s Crazy Fast (and Heavy) Press and Squat Complex

Estonian superheavyweight Mart Seim has given us another glimpse into the kind of training it takes to hit clean & jerks that regularly exceed 220 kilograms (485lb) on the platform. Take a look at this very, very quick complex of two strict(ish) presses and two back squats at 160 kilograms (352.7 pounds).

All Things Gym captured the action for their Instagram account:

For a guy who we’ve seen squat 210 kilograms for twenty freaking reps, the most impressive part of this complex is clearly the strict press. A hundred and sixty kilos for two reps is no joke, and with that that kind of pressing strength, we imagine that Seim could potentially be one of the truly great strongmen if he decided to change sports.

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We also spied him hitting it an eight-rep set of strict presses at 150 kilograms last month, so his 1-rep max is probably well over 180 kilograms.

Lately, Seim seems to have been ramping up his training as he prepares for the World Weightlifting Championships in Anaheim. Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw him hit a jerk of 255 kilograms (562.2 pounds) at a training camp in Ukraine, which was the heaviest we’ve ever seen from the man. His competition best clean & jerk is 248 kilograms (546.7lb).

That said, we haven’t seen him post any max cleans all year. Will he hit a new clean & jerk at Worlds? It’s a little tough to tell — the heaviest single we’ve seen him make lately was 230 kilograms.

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But we think he’s got a pretty decent shot at exceeding his competition max. The superheavyweights are scheduled to compete on Tuesday, December 5. Here’s how to watch ‘em live!

Featured image via @atginsta on Instagram.