How Do You Train Arms? Mike O’Hearn Close-Grip Benches 385 Pounds for 10 Reps

The former American Gladiator shared one of the workouts he does to get massive guns with former NFL player and sports analyst Heath Evans. 

At 6’2”, 300-pound, actor, model, and professional bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn is a real-life superhero. And in case you forgot about his other-worldly strength, O’Hearn uploaded an arm workout to his YouTube channel on April 7, 2022. He opened with a casual 385-pound close-grip bench press for an impressive 10 repetitions.

“Titan” then ran through an entire arm workout with NFL Network analyst Heath Evans. Check out the full workout below.

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O’Hearn is a four-time Mr. (Natural) Universe winner and multiple-time bodybuilding champion, competing in powerlifting, Strongman, and martial arts. He’s graced hundreds of fitness and bodybuilding magazine covers and assumed the roles of Thor and Titan in the original American Gladiator series (1989-1996) and the 2008 revival of the show, respectively.

The Washington native is well-known and respected for his immense knowledge of training and nutrition. O’Hearn has popularized powerbuilding, a hybrid training method that pairs bodybuilding and powerlifting to help a lifter forge both strength and size.

For the arm workout, O’Hearn was joined by Evans, who made headlines in 2017 after bench pressing 225 pounds for 45 reps during coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine (in his work attire, of all things).

“The trick is push and pull,” Evans said afterward while trying to catch his breath. “So you move the weight with speed, if I got a DB (Defensive back), he’s not going to punch me slowly, he’s going to punch me hard, so you’re pushing and pulling.”

Arm Workout Routine for Big Bis & Tris

Below we’ve included all the details from the arm workout session.

Close-Grip Bench Press

The entertaining duo started the arm day session with the close-grip bench press, a staple triceps-focused exercise for building upper arm size and strength. Evans hopped on the bench after O’Hearn repped out 385 pounds for 10 without breaking a sweat and pumped out five reps with 315 pounds.

A few other folks joined the training session, “Doc” and Mike O’Hearn’s partner Mona Muresan, who did a few reps of reverse-grip bench press with 145 pounds on the bar to start with.

O’Hearn flaunted his superhuman strength for the next set, performing five reps with the same 385 pounds but taking a few seconds to pause at the bottom of each rep.

Skull Crusher

After the close-grip press, the gang moved onto lying barbell extensions, also known as skull crushers. Extension-type movements allow the lifter to achieve a significant stretch in the triceps, and because you have to overcome the weight load from the stretched position, it may stimulate more muscle fibers and promote hypertrophy.


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One drawback to extensions, however, is that if you fail to do a proper warm-up or use too much weight, it can cause elbow pain and joint discomfort for some, which is why it’s crucial to use proper technique.

Hammer-Grip Barbell Biceps Curl 

O’Hearn and Evans also did a few sets of neutral-grip barbell curls (known as hammer curls) to train the anterior upper arm muscles such as the biceps and brachialis muscles.

Using a neutral or hammer grip is believed to emphasize the brachialis, a primary elbow flexor that pushes up against the outer biceps. When well developed, it can add more size and width to the upper arms.

Wrapping Up

Mike O’Hearn’s incredible physique at the age of 53 is a testament to his hard work and superior knowledge of training, nutrition, and everything else required to look like he does. It’s almost as if the multiple-time bodybuilding champ is aging in reverse and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

O’Hearn’s recent arm workout session with Heath Evans was both entertaining and insightful as the former showed off his insane pressing strength and the two shared some training and life wisdom.

Featured Image: Mike O’Hearn on YouTube