PRx Home Gym Review

Dive in and learn how a PRx Performance Home Gym Package can help you have your garage gym and park your car too.

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Many people want a home gym but lack adequate space for all of the (oftentimes) large and cumbersome equipment. Others still have the space, but it’s already dedicated to other things, like parking a car or storage for household items — this is where the PRx Performance Home Gym Package comes in. PRx Performance specializes in space-saving, high-end home gym equipment, and each product is designed to maximize functionality while minimizing footprint. You can build your own home gym package and include everything from a folding squat rack, which you can fold away in seconds with just one hand, to wall-mounted folding benches, high-quality barbells, bumper plates, and more, which you can add to your order. 

The first thing you’ll select for your PRO Home Gym Package is your folding rack. The Profile PRO Folding Rack is wall-mounted and features heavy-duty three-inch by three-inch uprights made from thick 11-gauge steel. When properly mounted, the rack can hold 1,000 pounds or more. The biggest benefit is that the rack only comes four inches off the wall when folded up, and can be folded down and up with just one hand in seconds thanks to the assistive gas shocks. Their folding bench is just as easy to fold away when done using and has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds too. The PRx Home Gym Package is an ideal fit for those who have limited space but still want high-quality and quick setup space-saving equipment. If you want to learn more about the PRx Performance Home Gym Package and Profile PRO Folding Rack, we have you covered below.

Main Takeaways

  • The PRx Profile PRO is a heavy-duty and high-quality rack that can support up to 1,000 pounds and help to convert nearly any space into a workout area.
  • This rack only takes seconds to set up, and can be folded down or up with just one hand thanks to the built-in gas shocks.
  • After selecting your squat rack, you can choose which additional pieces of equipment you need to complete your home gym package. The PRO Home Gym Package comes with a folding bench, bumper plates, olympic bar, and many more accessories to complete your home gym setup.
PRx PRO Home Gym Package
PRx PRO Home Gym Package
PRx PRO Home Gym Package

Have your garage gym and park your car too with the PRx Performance Home Gym Package. Build your own one of these space-saving packages which can include a Profile PRO Folding Rack, a Profile Wall-Mounted Folding Bench, bumper plates, a high-quality olympic barbell, and more.

PRx Performance Profile PRO Folding Rack Highlights

PRx Performance makes products for those who want to workout in the comfort of their own house, but either don’t have the space or already have the room dedicated to something else. If you need to park your car in the garage, you likely won’t have room for a full power rack setup. Sure you can purchase a typical folding rack, but they can sometimes be a hassle to set up and take precious time away from working out. That’s where PRx comes in. We’re reviewing the PRx Home Gym Package, but the central piece here is the folding rack, which is where we’ll place the majority of our focus.

Their Profile PRO Folding Rack, which comes in the package, folds down and up with ease in just seconds with the assistance of gas shocks. When not in use, they take up only four inches of space off the wall. The heavy-duty 3×3-inch 11-gauge steel comes in 10 different color options to match your preferred color scheme too with fun options like Sky Blue and Purple. 

The Profile PRO folding rack comes in three different heights — 90 inches tall, 96 inches tall, and a special 73-incher for particularly low ceiling heights. This beefy, yet space-saving rack can support 600 pounds without the optional reinforcement kits, but with the reinforcement kit, it can support at least 1,000 pounds. A nice feature of this rack is that they have 15 attachments available for it, but also work with a bunch of other manufacturers’ attachments due to their common upright spacing, making it easier to expand your add-on collection. The Profile PRO Rack ranges anywhere from about $850 to $1400 depending on height and pull-up bar selection if purchased on its own.

The PRO Home Gym Package includes other major pieces of equipment to round out your home gym needs, as well as a bunch of accessories. You’ll also receive the Profile Folding Bench, which mounts to your wall and folds nearly flush, only poking out less than eight inches. This bench is no slouch either as it can support up to 1,000 pounds when installed properly.

Another piece of equipment you’ll receive in the package is a PRx Men’s Olympic Elite Bar featuring dual-knurl marks, 190,000 PSI tensile strength, and dual bronze bushings for a smooth spin. To load on the bar, PRx also includes a 160-pound set of their Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates consisting of a pair of 45, 25, and 10-pound plates. The entire PRO Home Gym Package costs around $3,400, but PRx offers financing through Bread™ and PayPal Credit™ depending on credit.

Who Should Buy the PRx Performance Profile PRO Folding Squat Rack

  • Anyone who is looking to maximize their space savings while minimizing time spent setting up. This rack is able to be used in seconds and only takes up four inches of space off the wall when folded up.
  • Those who want a complete setup for their home gym that they can order in one fell swoop. Avoid the hassle of purchasing through different companies or dealing with multiple shipments.
  • People with limited ceiling heights. PRx can accommodate nearly any reasonable height. They even have specialized instructions and special order options for low ceilings.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the PRx Performance Profile PRO Folding Squat Rack

  • Those who are on a budget may want to opt for a more cost-effective home gym package. This isn’t the cheapest option, but it serves its purpose exceptionally well and is high-quality with great customer support.
  • Anyone who has a lot of room to work with may want to look for a full, four-post power rack for even more versatility.
  • Athletes who max out often may want to have the added security of a full power rack instead of the safety spotter arms available here.


This rack and home gym package overall aren’t the cheapest you’ll find, but we think they’re worth the price because of a combination of their ease of use, overall quality and materials, and the ecosystem that PRx has built. The Profile PRO folding rack by itself ranges in price from about $850 to $1,400 before taxes and shipping. The price is dependent on the rack height and pull-up bar style you choose. If you opt to purchase the complete setup, the PRO Home Gym Package will run you around $3,400 before tax and possible shipping charges. PRx does offer financing through Bread™ and PayPal Credit™ depending on credit, which helps to make the prices more palatable. 

There are attachments and add-ons available, as you might expect, and they’re all designed to work in a space-saving capacity while still being top-tier quality. Many of the add-ons are included in the PRO Home Gym Package, such as weight storage, a dip station, and Profile Folding Bench, but you can purchase them separately as well. The most popular accessory, though it’s a product in its own right, is the PRx Profile Flat Folding Bench, which will run you about $399 before tax and shipping. The incline version of the bench costs about $999 before tax and shipping. Other, more straightforward accessories like a dip station, spotter arms, landmine, and two plate-loaded pulley systems are available for anywhere from around $109 to $299 depending on the product.

Overall Build and Quality of the PRx Profile PRO Folding Rack

The PRx Profile PRO Folding Rack is made with high-quality 11-gauge steel formed into 3×3-inch tubing for the uprights, which makes for a solid, durable rack. The most important thing to consider before purchasing a PRx rack is your ceiling height. Measure and measure again because the rack needs to be installed so that it can fold up onto the wall. The dimensions will vary depending on the rack height and pull-up bar you choose. PRx offers a handy guide on their website if you’re not the most comfortable with these things. 

They even have a dedicated support team to help answer any questions you may have. These individuals can help answer questions about space, layout, or equipment differences. PRx stands behind their products with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, so you know they’re confident in their product’s ability to stand up to the test of time and repeated use.


Aside from being a solid folding squat rack, the Profile PRO and really all of PRx’s home gym products have two key features that they put to the forefront in manufacturing — a quick setup and a space-saving design.

Quick Setup

The idea is pretty simple. The less time you spend setting up the equipment each time you want to use it, the more time you’ll be able to work out. You can also shorten your workout sessions if you spend less time setting up and putting away equipment. Not only is this more convenient, but it may help you actually want to work out more since the equipment isn’t a pain to set up each time. 

With the Profile PRO rack, all you have to do is lower the rack from its stored position to the ground, which can be done with one hand and minimal effort. When you’re finished, reverse the process and lift the rack back into its stored position, hanging on the wall. The ease of movement is thanks to the gas shocks, which are included as part of the rack equipment. 

The Profile Flat Bench, which is included in the PRO Home Gym Package, follows the same concept. Fold it down off the wall to the floor when needed, and return it to the wall where it stores away practically flat (just like the rack) when finished. Where other racks and benches may take minutes to set up, these take seconds with far less effort.

Space-Saving Design

Another driving feature in the ethos of PRx Performance is to construct products with a space-saving design. This feature permeates nearly every product that PRx produces and is one of the reasons that the brand is so popular and successful. The PRx line of racks and benches gives back the freedom to have a home gym and still utilize the space for other purposes — whether that’s parking a car in the garage, or using the basement as a storage space. In a commercial setting, these can help to free up space in the middle of the room and PRx is used in many cross-training gyms where floor space is always at a premium. 

This space-saving design is achieved by mounting basically all of your home gym equipment to the wall and having it fold away when not in use. Typically a squat rack on the small side would take up around four square feet of floor space whereas the Profile PRO Folding Rack only comes off the wall about four inches. Likewise, a weight bench generally takes up an area of around five feet by three feet. When the Profile Folding Bench is stored on the wall, it protrudes less than eight inches.

PRx PRO Folding Rack Product Specs

Because this rack mounts on your wall, we can’t stress enough the importance of measuring everything out and talking with a PRx consultant if needed. The dimensions of the rack changes depending on which pull-up bar and rack height you choose. There are two common sizes — 90 inches for athletes up to six feet two inches tall and 96 inches for those taller than six feet two inches. PRx also offers a version of their rack without a pull-up bar, which measures 73 inches tall for those with particularly low ceilings. All racks are the same width at 52 inches wide. 


PRx Performance Profile PRO rack is made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel with 3×3-inch uprights to support at least 1,000 pounds. They offer a bracing kit as well for added stability when performing exercises that cause a lot of movement, such as kipping pull-ups. The holes are spaced at two inches in the front with a one-inch diameter, making this rack compatible with a host of other manufacturers’ attachments in addition to their own.


The 90-inch rack, which has a recommended ceiling height of 108 inches, measures 52 inches wide by 90 inches tall and 39.5 inches deep when folded down, and 52 inches wide by 108 inches tall and four inches deep when folded up. The pull-up bar will vary with the kipping bar coming 22.5 inches off the wall. There are also options for no pull-up bar, a straight pull-up bar, and a multi-grip pull-up bar. If you opt for the taller 96-inch rack, you’ll want a ceiling height of 114 inches. 

The measurements are identical for width and depth, with only height being different by increasing to 96 inches when folded down and 114 inches when folded up. If you have a shorter ceiling you’re working with, PRx has an option that is 52 inches wide by 73 inches tall and 26.75 inches deep when folded down, and 52 inches wide by 91 inches tall and nine inches deep when folded up.

Weight Capacity

The Profile PRO rack has a standard capacity of 600 pounds when installed without the support brackets, which are optional. If you install the support brackets (which we recommend since it only takes a few extra minutes and provides a significant amount of lateral stability) then the rack can support at least 1,000 pounds. 


Installing this rack takes a little more skill and precision than most other squat racks since you’ll have to ensure you’re mounting the lag bolts correctly into studs. If you don’t have evenly spaced studs at 16 inches or 24 inches, you’ll need a stringer or ledger board. A stringer is basically a piece of steel or wood (two-by-fours work great) that allows the load to be distributed more evenly across the board instead of directly into the studs or wall. You’ll want a plumb line or laser level too in order to ensure that you’re drilling your holes directly in line. PRx provides excellent, detailed instructions and offers help from their support team. You can also pay a local handyperson to install the rack for you for a fee.


The PRx Profile Rack comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which protects against any manufacturer defects or faulty equipment. All parts of the rack are covered under this warranty, not just the uprights like many other manufacturers, which is nice. That includes the uprights, support brackets, mounting materials, and even gas shocks. Barbells from PRx are backed by a lifetime warranty against bending when used and stored properly.

Other PRX Equipment for Your Home Gym Package

PRx may have become popular and well-known for their line of folding racks, but they’ve grown into a complete home gym equipment destination. Their PRO Home Gym Package includes a folding bench, weight plates, an olympic barbell, and other home gym accessories. If you don’t want or need the complete package, you can always purchase the pieces of equipment separately as needed. 

PRx Profile Flat Folding Bench

PRx’s folding bench was as revolutionary as their fold-up squat rack, and helped to redefine how little space a home gym had to take up. The PRx Profile Folding Bench mounts to your wall and sits neatly inside of any of their Profile ONE, Profile PRO, and Murphy Racks. When you want to bench press or have a seat between difficult sets, fold the bench down. When you’re finished with it, fold the bench away and back up onto the wall — all in one smooth motion.

PRx Profile Folding Bench
PRx Profile Folding Bench
PRx Profile Folding Bench

Flat benches can take up a ton of floor space and can be a hassle to hang when not in use. The PRx Profile Folding Bench solves this problem by mounting the bench to the wall. Simply fold it out when needed and back up when not. Despite its sleek design, this solid bench can support 1,000 pounds when properly installed.

The bench sits only a few inches off the wall when folded, yet remains quite sturdy when in use. This bench is able to support up to 1,000 pounds. It sits a bit higher than a standard competition bench at 19 inches tall with a pad width of 12 inches and a length of 45 inches. The Profile Flat Folding Bench is included in the PRO Home Gym Package but can be yours for around $399 before tax and shipping.

PRx Crumb Bumper Plates

PRx makes a bunch of different types of weight plates, but the ones you’ll find in the PRO Home Gym Package are the PRx Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates. These bumpers are made from rubber and deliver less of an impact to your floor when dropped than iron plates. A solid steel insert connects the plates to your bar. Each bumper plate is made from 100-percent recycled rubber with an embossed PRx logo and the weight on each side. These plates can tolerate repeated use and have been tested to withstand 30,000 drops, or about a month of German Volume Training.

PRx Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates
PRx Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates
PRx Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates

These bumper plates from PRx are made from 100-percent recycled rubber and designed to stand up to repeated drops, session after session. Each is finished with a stainless steel insert and has an embossed PRx logo and weight on each side. Pick them up in pairs or 160-pound and 260-pound bundles.

They’re sold in pairs or can be purchased in 160-pound and 260-pound bundles. The 160-pound bundle contains a pair each of 10s, 25s, and 45s. The 260-pound bundle is a pair of each plate weight — 10s, 15s, 25s, 35s, and 45s. The price is on par with many other bumper plates with the 260-pound bundle costing about $599 before tax and shipping. A 160-pound set of these durable crumb bumper plates is included in the PRO Home Gym Package.

PRx Men’s Olympic Elite Bar

The PRx Men’s Olympic Elite Bar is designed as a multipurpose bar to suit both powerlifting and weightlifting needs with dual knurl marks. The spin on the sleeves is smooth and responsive, but not completely free-spinning thanks to dual self-lubricating bronze bushings. An impressive 190,000 PSI tensile strength puts this up there with other high-end olympic bars.

PRx Men's Olympic Elite Bar
PRx Men's Olympic Elite Bar
PRx Men's Olympic Elite Bar

The PRx Men’s Olympic Elite Bar is made to be a multipurpose bar with knurling marks for both weightlifting and powerlifting. The bar features a light to moderate knurling and dual, self-lubricating bronze bushing help to enable a smooth but controlled spin for the sleeves. At 190,000 PSI, this bar rivals other popular barbells.

When you grip the bar, you’ll notice a medium to light knurling and a moderate whip when under the weight, ideal for beginners but likely too smooth for seasoned lifters. Each bar weighs 20 kilograms (44 pounds) with a diameter of 28.5 millimeters, which is exactly what you’d want from an Olympic bar. Choose from either Bright Zinc or Black Zinc finish. You can expect to pay around $299 before taxes and shipping for this bar. Each Olympic Elite Bar comes with a lifetime warranty.

Places to Buy

You can purchase PRx PRO Home Gym Package directly through the links on this page or from their website.

Company Information

Founded in 2013, PRx Performance’s mission is “Fitting Fitness into Life”. They have been manufacturing and designing innovative products to help fit top-tier equipment into any space ever since. To find out more about their company and story you can fill out a request form or call them at 1-701-566-0452. 

Final Word

Fitting in time to work out can be difficult — you shouldn’t have to worry about fitting in equipment to your space too. PRx’s PRO Home Gym Package seeks to help solve the problem of limited room or already dedicated space by allowing you to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. The Profile Pro Rack has one of the smallest footprints on the market while still being quite stable. Whether it’s their Profile PRO rack or Profile Folding Bench, when not in use you’ll barely notice them.

It’s true that the PRx PRO Home Gym Package contains high-end equipment that you’ll pay more than other home gym packages for, but the construction and ease of use make it worth the price in our opinion. When you can take into account the time and effort you’ll save by folding down and up the rack or bench, we think you’ll agree too. If you’re limited on space or want to put fitness equipment into an already “claimed” area of the house, a PRx PRO Home Gym Package includes all you need to start lifting without redoing your entire house or garage.


What kinds of workouts can I do with the PRx Performance Profile PRO Rack?

Despite their low profile and space-saving nature, this rack can be used to perform pretty much any exercises you can do with a full power rack. The stability provided thanks to the design and high-quality materials can support even the strongest lifters, and the attachments allow you to perform nearly any lift you could want. PRx has spotter arms, so you can safely lift close to max weights without worrying about failing.

How much weight can the PRx Profile PRO Rack and Profile Flat Bench support?

The PRx Profile PRO Rack can support 600 pounds without the optional reinforcement kit, but once you add on the brackets, it can support at least 1,000 pounds when properly installed. The PRx Profile Flat Bench can also support 1,000 pounds when properly installed. Unless you’re Julius Maddox, you can bench safely with PRx equipment. 

What is the full list of equipment included in the PRx PRO Home Gym Package?

This package is meant to be a complete home gym solution from PRx with the Profile PRO Folding Squat Rack as the focal point and contains more than enough equipment to have you ready to lift from the start. With the PRx PRO Home Gym Package you’ll receive:

  •  Profile® PRO Squat Rack with Kipping Bar & J-Cups
  • PRx Profile® Flat Folding Bench
  • Men’s Olympic Elite Bar Black Zinc – 20 kg
  • 160lb Crumb Rubber Plates – (2) 45lb, (2) 25lb, (2) 10lb
  • Cast Iron Change Plates – (2) 5lb, (2) 2.5lb
  • PRO Dip Station with Storage
  • Hanging Single Bar Storage
  • 3-Peg Weight Storage with Weight Wing
  • 20lb Medicine Ball with Storage
  • AbMat with Storage
  • 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box
  • Mobility Band Bundle with Storage
  • RPM Session Jump Rope
  • (1) Pair Talon Barbell Collars
  • 32oz PRx Ice Shaker