REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells Review

These durable dumbbells feature a hexagonal shape, a low-odor rubber coating, and friction welding for stability.

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REP Fitness’ Hex Dumbbells may need to be the next purchase you make for your home gym — whether that be as an individual pair or a full set. One of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment you can have, a pair of dumbbells can help you maximize your gains. From bicep curls, to shoulder press, dumbbells can be used for both upper body and lower body exercises (such as split squats). These hex dumbbells from REP Fitness have a fully knurled handle, which allows you to get as good of a grip as Fred Bilentikoff had on a football before the NFL banned Stickum™ in the 80’s.

Since the heads on these dumbbells feature a hexagonal shape, you’ll notice that when dropped, they won’t roll all the way across your floor like a rounded pair will. They are also coated in rubber, meaning you will have a better chance of preventing any potential damage to your personal space. When it comes to a good pair of dumbbells that are going to allow you to isolate your muscles as well as focus on one side of your body at a time, these particular dumbbells should be on your radar. The durability, grip, and competitive price make these a solid choice for beginning and advanced athletes alike. 

Main Takeaways

  • These dumbbells feature a steel shaft that is fully knurled, providing a solid grip that won’t tear up your hands.
  • The low odor rubber coating means these are ready for use as soon as they are unboxed, and may prevent your floors from being damaged.
  • Thanks to the hexagon shape, you can use these dumbbells for push-ups, and they won’t roll away from you if dropped.
REP Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells
REP Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells
REP Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells

The REP Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells range in weight from 2.5 pounds to 125 pounds. You can buy them in pairs, and they have a knurled handle for grip, as well as a hexagon shape for stability on the floor. 

REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells Video Review

Our Reviews Writer, Jake, puts these dumbbells to the test in the BarBend garage gym. Watch his full video review for an even more in-depth look at the REP Hex Dumbbells. 

REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells Highlights

Whether you’re looking to focus on your chest and tricepsback and biceps, or maybe even your lower body, the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells offer the ability to do all of the above without a large barbell or weight plates. Because of the rubber coating, they can be dropped from various heights without damaging your floors or the dumbbells themselves. Plus, dumbbells (in general) may be better for you in terms of preventing injury

The REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells are available for purchase as either a pair or a set. Starting at 2.5 pounds, and going all the way up to 125 pounds, there is a pair out there for virtually everyone. The chrome plated steel shaft is fully knurled, which may provide you with the grip you’re looking for without absolutely tearing up your hands. Since both sides of the dumbbells are made with a low-odor rubber, they are ready to be used upon unboxing without needing to be aired out. This rubber is also ideal for home gyms as it can help prevent your floors from damage during your lifting sessions.

Who Should Buy the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells

  • Anyone looking for a pair of dumbbells that offers a solid grip that isn’t abrasive. These dumbbells are fully knurled; they’re on the moderate side, which is ideal for free weight exercises; plus, the chrome plating will assist in corrosion resistance
  • Athletes wanting to incorporate dumbbells for their push-ups will love the hexagonal shape here that prevents rolling, adding to your stability.
  • Folks who want a durable dumbbell to add to their home gym, the heads are attached via friction welding which will extend the lifespan; plus, REP Fitness offers a lifetime warranty for at-home usage.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells

  • Folks who want a handle that is ergonomic may want to look elsewhere.
  • If you’re already tight on space you may want to consider a pair of adjustable dumbbells instead of multiple pairs (or a full set) of these dumbbells.
  • These are expensive and the rack does not come with your purchase, so if you are on a tight budget, you may want to look elsewhere. 


Because these dumbbells are available in pairs and a set, you have a few pricing options available. If you just want to buy a single pair or a couple of pairs, the 2.5-pound dumbbells are the cheapest option available at $15.99 per pair, while the 125-pound dumbbells are the most expensive, with a price tag of $520 per pair. 

Rubber on REP Hex Dumbbells
Rubber on REP Hex Dumbbells

If you were to opt for a full set, you can choose from five to 50 pounds, five to 75 pounds, five to 100 pounds, 55 to 75 pounds, or 80 to 100 pounds — these sets will also vary in price depending on which one you opt to purchase. The five to 50 pound set is the cheapest, and will cost you $1,100; the five to 75 pound set will cost you $2,200; the five to 100 pound set will cost $3,600; the 55 to 75 pound set is listed at $1,250, and the 80 to 100 pound set of dumbbells is listed at $1,500. It’s also worth noting that you do not receive any type of storage for your dumbbells with your purchase, and the REP Fitness rack will be an additional $210. 

This is a hefty price tag for dumbbells, but this is also pretty standard across the market. These are high-quality dumbbells that have a knurling that’s easy on your hands, and the rubber coating on the weights can help preserve the quality of your floors — these features combined may make the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells worth their price tag, in our opinion. 

Overall Build and Quality

Since these dumbbells come in various weights, the handle will vary in diameter depending on the weight it’s holding. The dumbbells ranging from five to 20 pounds have a steel shaft with a diameter of 28 millimeters, while anything over 20 pounds features a steel shaft of 34 millimeters.

Knurling on REP Hex Dumbbells
Knurling on REP Hex Dumbbells

The steel shaft is coated with chrome giving it a shiny look, and provides a fully knurled grip. The heads of the dumbbells are crafted with a low-odor rubber that will protect both the dumbbells and your floors, and these heads are also securely attached via friction welding, adding durability. 


The REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells are a good option for anyone looking to expand their home gym. The heads are coated with a low-odor rubber, meaning they are ready to use when unboxed without needing to be aired out; plus, the softer rubber coating can help preserve your floors. Since the heads are also in a hexagonal shape, you can utilize them for push-up variations if you please. This shape also helps keep them from rolling across the room when dropped. The fully knurled, chrome plated shafts offer a grip that helps to keep the dumbbells securely in your hands even when you begin to sweat

Ergonomics and Knurling

While the handles on these dumbbells are not ergonomically designed (meaning they are the same width across the whole grip and not wider in the middle), they are fully knurled. This straight design may not be ideal for some users, but we found them to have a solid grip even when your hands sweat thanks to the knurling.

Chrome Plating

The REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells are chrome plated on the handles, giving them a nice shine while also fighting off corrosion.

Low-Odor Rubber

The smell that often comes with a fresh pair of rubber coated dumbbells can be off-putting. Luckily, REP Fitness uses a low-odor rubber for these hex dumbbells — this means you shouldn’t have to air them out after unboxing, and can put them straight into your workout routine. 

Dumbbell Head Design

Since these dumbbells feature a hexagonal shape, you’ll find it much easier to incorporate them into your push-ups, as they won’t roll away from you when you’re trying to hold the plank position.

Push-ups with REP Hex Dumbbells
Push-ups with REP Hex Dumbbells

In addition, if you drop them, they shouldn’t roll all the way across your floor either.

Product Specs

Since these dumbbells are available in pairs ranging from 2.5 to 125 pounds, as well as full sets, they provide an option for everyone, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. The knurling is on the moderate side, meaning your hands won’t hate you while lifting, but you still get the desired grip that you need.

REP Hex Dumbbells
REP Hex Dumbbells

Since these aren’t adjustable though, you may run into a problem when it comes to available space. The diameter of the handles will increase as you go up in weight, and there is an option available to everyone from beginners to elite level weightlifters

Dumbbell Type

These are basic steel dumbbells that come in both pairs and sets. Since these dumbbells are not adjustable, if you’re buying multiple pairs, they’re going to take up a good bit of space in your home gym. A storage rack will help with this problem, but if you are an apartment dweller or just really tight on space, a full set of these dumbbells may be too much. Adjustable dumbbells are a viable option in this instance. 


These Hex Dumbbells are made of steel, and feature a steel handle that is coated in chrome to help fight off corrosion. The heads are coated in rubber to help with durability, and protect your surroundings. 

Handle Grip

The REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells offer a moderate knurling on their steel handles. The handles are chrome plated, with the knurling covering the entire handle. This full knurl allows you to get a good grip no matter which part of the handle you’re grasping.

Weight Options

You can choose from weights as light as 2.5 pounds, and as heavy as 125 pounds. This allows you to buy individual pairs over time as you increase your strength. You can buy these weights in individual pairs or full sets. If you want a set of dumbbells, they are available in five different packages. You can purchase a set of dumbbells ranging from five to 50 pounds, five to 75 pounds, five to 100 pounds, 55 to 75 pounds, and 80 to 100 pounds. 

Size and Dimensions

When we got our hands on these dumbbells, we were able to easily see a difference in the diameter of the handles as you went up in weight. The 2.5- to 15-pound dumbbells will have a diameter of 28 millimeters, while the 20’s and above have a 34 millimeter diameter. The handles are five inches in length regardless of weight; however, the heads will vary as you increase in weight.

Full Set of REP Hex Dumbbells
Full Set of REP Hex Dumbbells

The heads seem pretty standard in practice when it comes to hex dumbbells, but we did notice that the heads on the 50-pound dumbbells were pretty big. They are just under five inches long and six inches in diameter. We were still able to do our lifts without any issues, but that size is something to consider when you are doing shoulder presses. 


REP Fitness includes a lifetime warranty with your purchase for at home usage, and a one year warranty for commercial use.

Places to Buy

You can buy the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells through REP Fitness’ website and Amazon Marketplace. 

Company Information

REP Fitness has a reputation of making high quality products for a reasonable price. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you are able to receive a full refund within 30 days, as long as the product is still in good condition. For more information, you can contact their customer support team at 720-420-1731, or you can send an email to [email protected]

Final Word

The REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells are both versatile and durable. The high quality steel build and low odor rubber make them ideal for at-home usage, as the rubber coating won’t destroy your floors if you drop your weights. The heads of the dumbbells are also securely attached using friction welding. The chrome coating on the handles give them a nice shine, and since they are fully knurled, you can get a good grip no matter how much sweat is involved. We did notice that when it got humid in our gym, the handles were a bit wet, but we were still able to perform our exercises without losing grip.

Since you can purchase these dumbbells in both pairs and as a set, REP provides an option for everyone. It is worth noting that if you opt for a full set of dumbbells, not only are they going to take up a good bit of space, but the storage rack is not included and will cost you an additional $180. While you may wind up spending close to $4,000 if you buy the five- to 100-pound dumbbell set, the quality of these dumbbells may keep them in your hands for a lifetime. Because of that longevity, we believe these could be a great option for those who have the available space to begin adding dumbbells to their home gym, and can afford the price tag.


What is the purpose of the rubber on the heads of the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells?

If you are wanting a set of dumbbells that won’t absolutely tear apart your home gym, you’ll want a pair that features a rubber coating on the heads. This is because the impact will be easier on both the floor and the dumbbells themselves, potentially causing less harm in the long run.

What are the different weight options available with the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells?

The great thing about the REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells is that there is an option available for all levels of fitness. If you’re new to weight lifting you can get dumbbells as light as 2.5 pounds, while more experienced lifters may want the 125-pound pair. You also have the option of purchasing your dumbbells in a set that can range from five to 100 pounds, or you can skip the lighter options, and snag the 55- to 75-pound set or 80- to 100-pound set.

Is it better to purchase a full set or individual REP Fitness Hex Dumbbells?

There really is no “better” option, objectively. At the end of the day, you need to make sure you’re doing what is best for your goals while also staying within your price range. If you can afford to purchase these dumbbells in bulk, that may be ideal for you, but if you can’t, you can always add on individual pairs as you need them.