REP Fitness Power Bar Review

Put the power in powerlifting with this fully stainless steel barbell.

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Powerlifters — or anyone who’s serious about squatting, bench pressing, and deadlifting — should take note of the REP Fitness Power Bar. This fully stainless steel barbell is as tough as a two dollar steak, and with a tensile strength rating of 200,000 PSI, it can handle pretty much any heavy weight you throw its way. The knurling is deeper than your average barbell, but not so abrasive that it’s going to tear up your hands. 

The REP Fitness Power Bar was designed for powerlifting. For those who don’t know, powerlifting revolves around the “big three” movements — squatbench press, and deadlift. When looking for a barbell to pair with these movements, you’ll want one that’s a bit more rigid. For beginners, it may not matter which barbell you choose because you most likely aren’t loading on a ton of weight. However, as you progress and begin to build on strength and muscle, you are going to want a barbell that can handle those heavy weights — in this case, the REP Fitness Power Bar is a great option to consider. 

Main Takeaways

  • The REP Fitness Power Bar is fully stainless steel, the highest corrosion protection you could ask for.
  • You can load up this bar with 1,500 pounds, and it has a tensile strength rating of 200,000 PSI.
  • The mountain grip knurling is cut deeper on this bar compared to versatile bars that are meant for high frequency training, and provides a solid grip at all times.
REP Fitness Power Bar
REP Fitness Power Bar
REP Fitness Power Bar

This fully stainless steel barbell can handle all of your powerlifting needs. The 200,00 tensile strength rating, and max loading of 1,500 pounds makes this a good fit for powerlifters of every level. 

REP Fitness Power Bar Video Review

Our Reviews Writer, Jake, tests out the REP Power Bar. Follow along as he breaks down everything you need to know about this barbell from the price, features, pros & cons, and what this barbell is designed for. 

REP Fitness Power Bar Highlights

The REP Fitness Power Bar is an ideal option for your powerlifting needs. This barbell is stainless steel from end-to-end, which is a nice touch as it makes it much more resistant to rust and corrosion. A lot of times you’ll notice you have to pay extra for a version of a barbell with that added protection, but that isn’t the case with this barbell — it’s already included in the cost.

The knurling is listed as “medium”, but we found it to be a little more than that, especially compared to some of the more versatile barbells we’ve tried. Powerlifting bars are going to have a deeper knurling to allow you to get a proper grip at all times — and while the knurling here is definitely deeper, it doesn’t feel too aggressive in your hands. 

Since you do have a center knurling on this barbell, you won’t want to try and perform any power cleans as it will irritate the skin on your chest, and possibly tear up your hands. That being said, it is great for benching, squatting, deadlifts, and even barbell rows. The sleeves here are as smooth as James Bond, meaning you might want to pick yourself up a pair of weight collars to lock your plates into place if you don’t want them sliding off while lifting. 

Who Should Buy the REP Fitness Power Bar

  • Anyone looking for a powerlifting bar with a knurling that is not too abrasive.
  • Customers wanting a barbell that is fully stainless steel, the highest level of protection from corrosion.
  • Powerlifters who want a barbell with a high tensile strength — the REP Fitness Power Bar is rated at 200,000 pounds.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the REP Fitness Power Bar

  • Those who are just starting to powerlift may not need a barbell as strong as this one is.
  • If you are wanting a barbell to be a jack of all trades (so you can powerlift, or practice CrossFit and Olympic lifts) you’re going to want to consider a more versatile barbell.
  • This barbell is listed around $400, which is pretty expensive for a non-versatile barbell. You can find cheaper powerlifting bars, and even more versatile barbells that are able to handle all of your powerlifting exercises.


The REP Fitness Power Bar is listed around $400 on the REP Fitness website, which is a pretty high price tag compared to other power bars. However, typically high quality products have higher price tags, and this bar is no exception. The stainless steel sleeves are not always included like they are with the REP Power Bar, and shipping is free — which is also a bit of a rarity for home gym equipment

Since $400 is quite expensive for a barbell, REP Fitness does give you the option to use PayLater with PayPal. This will split your purchase up into four interest-free payments of around $100, which may help you out if you also have to fill out your home gym with weight plates, and a power rack or squat rack to pair with your barbell. And since this is a high quality power bar, you may not ever need to purchase another one throughout your weightlifting journey.

Overall Build and Quality

The REP Fitness Power Bar is designed for your powerlifting needs, and features a fully stainless steel finish. This is a 87.4-inch long, 20 kilogram bar with 16.9-inch loading sleeves, and a diameter of 29 millimeters — which may increase your grip.

REP Fitness Power Bar End Cap
REP Fitness Power Bar End Cap

You can load up to 1,500 pounds onto this barbell, and it has a tensile strength of 200,000 pounds, which means it’s compatible for elite level athletes who often throw heavy weights around in the gym.


This fully stainless steel build provides the best chance of preventing corrosion from forming— bars with a coating aren’t as corrosion resistant. The mountain grip knurling is more on the medium side, but is still deeper than what you would find on a more versatile barbell.

You do have a center knurl on the REP Power bar, which should help it stay in place during back squats (though, it’s not ideal for Olympic or CrossFit style lifts). You’ll also notice the sleeves are completely smooth, which means you’ll likely need to purchase a pair of weight collars to securely lock your weight plates into place. 


Since the REP Fitness Power Bar is designed for powerlifting, you’ll notice there is only one set of knurl markings featured on this barbell. This allows you to place your hands properly for the widest grip possible when bench pressing. Oftentimes, you’ll notice that a versatile bar will have double markings, this is for power cleanshang cleans, and even the snatch (this bar is not meant to handle those movements).


REP Fitness Power Bar Knurling
Knurling on the REP Fitness Power Bar

The overall knurling is firm, but we didn’t find it to be too abrasive. The mountain grip knurling pattern provides you with a solid grip, but it may not provide the same grip as a volcano style, since you only have one point of contact instead of four. We don’t mean to downplay this grip though, as it still feels great in your hands.

Because you do have a center knurl on this barbell, we do not recommend doing any style lift where the bar is rubbing on your skin. The center knurl is ideal for a back squat or a suitcase style grip, but is definitely not meant to be used for power cleans. 

Sleeve Design

The sleeves on the REP Fitness Power Bar are as smooth as glass. Since your weight plates are most likely going to slide around a bit if you’re dropping the bar during deadlifts, it may be best to throw on a pair of weight collars to keep them in place. The sleeves do spin ever so slightly because of bushings, but this is a slow spin meant for powerlifting. 


This is a fully stainless steel barbell that does not feature any type of coating. This is the best protection you could ask for.

REP Fitness Power Bar Stainless Steel Build
REP Fitness Power Bar Stainless Steel Build

You have a higher chance of resisting any corrosion that could form on your bar, and it may also provide a better overall grip.

Product Specs

The REP Fitness Power Bar is a solid option to consider for anyone wanting to maximize their power lifts. The 200,000 pound tensile strength is going to be a good fit for the majority of lifters, allowing you to pack on the weight up to 1,500 pounds. The dimensions are similar to most barbells, though this bar does have a slightly thicker diameter at 29mm. 

Tensile Strength 

barbell’s tensile strength may be the most important factor to consider when adding one to your home gym. Tensile strength is how strong the bar is, and how much weight and force it can handle before it begins to give out.

Jake Squatting With the REP Fitness Power Bar
Jake Squatting With the REP Fitness Power Bar

Since this is a power bar, it has a high tensile strength rating of 200,000 pounds — the max rating is 230,000 pounds. This puts it in elite company, and should satisfy every level powerlifter.


This barbell is pretty straightforward in terms of the materials used during the manufacturing process. It’s stainless steel from end to end, which makes it even more durable. Stainless steel bars tend to be more expensive, but that’s because they’re the sturdiest, and most corrosion-resistant. 

The combination of stainless steel and bronze bushings in the sleeves will allow them to spin slightly, but not as freely as a barbell that uses only bronze bushings (which you’ll find on more versatile bars that you can use for a wider variety of lifts). Stainless steel isn’t commonly used for bushings since they don’t spin as freely as a pair of bronze bushings do.

Weight Capacity

The REP Fitness Power bar can support up to 1,500 pounds of weight, which goes toe-to-toe with the best of them.

Throwing Some Weight on the REP Fitness Power Bar
Throwing Some Weight on the REP Fitness Power Bar


This is a really high weight capacity, and should satisfy athletes of pretty much all levels. 

Dimensions and Weight

Most barbells are nearly identical in terms of length, weight, and diameter. The REP Power Bar weighs 20 kilograms, it’s 7.2 feet long, and has a diameter of 29 millimeters. Some brands offer 15 kilogram barbells, but this particular power bar only comes in 20kg. 


REP Fitness offers a limited lifetime warranty on their Power Bar. This warranty covers anything that may have gone wrong during the manufacturing process, but does not include negligent use — such as abusive dropping of the bar.

Places to Buy

You can purchase this barbell through the REP Fitness website.

Company Information

REP Fitness has made a name for itself for providing high quality gym equipment for at-home lifters. If you aren’t satisfied, you can return your equipment for a full refund within 30 days, as long as it is still in usable condition. For more information on their policies, you can email their support team at [email protected], or call them directly at 720-420-1731. 

Final Word

The REP Fitness Power Bar is designed around powerlifting, and is able to handle even the heaviest of weight for those of elite strength. The fully stainless steel design should keep this barbell in your hands for nearly a lifetime without too much rust forming. Since this is a powerlifting barbell, the knurling is a bit deeper than it would be on more versatile bars, but it’s not too abrasive to where it’s going to tear your hands up during powerlifting movements. 

Because of the center knurling, this bar isn’t ideal for Olympic or CrossFit lifts as it could irritate your skin. But that center knurling is a nice touch when you are squatting.

No matter the weight or force, the REP Fitness Barbell is ready to be put to the test with its combination of a 200,000 pound tensile strength rating and fully stainless steel build, possibly making it the last power bar you need to purchase. While it is more expensive than some of its competition, we think the high quality you are getting with this barbell makes it worth adding to your home gym. 


Why are there only one set of the knurl markings on the REP Fitness Power Bar?

This bar is strictly meant for powerlifting, so you are only going to notice one set of knurl markings. The second set of markings you often find on a barbell are meant for Olympic and CrossFit style lifts, allowing you to get the widest grip possible.

Can I use weight plates from another company with the REP Fitness Power Bar?

Yes, all of REP’s barbells are designed to be compatible with any standard weight plates with a center hole that’s two-inches in diameter.

Why does it matter that the REP Fitness Power Bar is fully stainless steel?

Stainless steel is the highest grade of material you could look for in a barbell due to it being more resistant to rust and corrosion than a bar that features a zinc or chrome coating.