Fun Fact, Rich Froning Might Have Won the Mayhem Classic Had He Competed

The world wants to know, how much money would it take to get Froning back in individual competition?

Over the weekend, we got to watch 60 elite CrossFit athletes throwdown at the CrossFit Mayhem Classic that took place in Cookeville, Tennessee. This was the first Sanctionals competition for this year’s Games season to take place in the 2020 calendar year. 

The Mayhem Classic was composed of seven events that spanned across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In case you missed the recap for the event, check out this article for the CrossFit Mayhem results

On top of the individual men’s and women’s heats on Saturday and Sunday, fans and athletes were treated with getting to witness the Good Dudes throwdown and take on the same events. The Good Dudes, consisting of Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, and Josh Bridges, went through four of the same events that the athletes did.

Other athletes like Haley Adams, Scott Panchik, and Chyna Cho also jumped in to compete alongside the Good Dudes throughout the four events, and Bridges and Bailey both picked which events to partake in due to rehabbing and coming back from injuries. It was interesting to watch the contrast between these CrossFit legends and the athletes currently taking on the events. 

Rich Froning’s Results

Over the last decade, Froning has consistently dropped the jaws of his peers with his incredible workload efficiency and well-rounded skillsets.

Of the four events that the Good Dudes took on, Froning actually would have won two of them and placed second in the other two. 

Check out Froning’s results versus the first placed athlete’s below!

Rich Froning’s Score First Place’s Score
Event 3: Rich Froning | 6:26 Event 3: Samuel Cournoyer | 7:58
Event 4: Rich Froning | 15:27 Event 4: Connor Duddy | 15:35
Event 5: Rich Froning | 7:22 Event 5: Dylan Martin | 7:21
Event 7: Rich Froning | 7:17 Event 7: Tola Morakinyo | 7:00

At the end of the day, one could make the argument that Froning didn’t go through all of the events like the other athletes and he programmed a majority of this Sanctionals competition so that’s why he placed so well — but let’s call it what it is — he still would have placed well.

Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland who were doing the color commentary for the Mayhem Classic joked multiple times about how much money it would take to get Froning back for one more year of individual competition, and that’s a fun thought…

How would Froning do if he came back one year of individual competition? Could he take down, or give Fraser a run for his money? 

Feature image from @richfroning Instagram page.