Important: There’s an Instagram of People Snatching Snack Food

Rubbing our eyes and wearily sipping our morning coffees, the BarBend team sat at our desks this morning and opened our laptops. As the screens flickered to life and we began our morning ritual of looking for weightlifting news, it seemed like a normal day.

But we were wrong.

This is the most important day in the history of weightlifting, because today is the day we found out about @SnatchinSnacks.

Why yes, that is the Fittest Man On Earth™ Mat Fraser snatching lollipops to Bulk and Skull’s theme song from Power Rangers. That was filmed in 2012 when Fraser was a young 85kg athlete in the weightlifting world and snatched 132kg at the USA Weightlifting Senior National Championships.

American Open medalist Kristin Pope was also seen snatching 82kg of shrimp. (Here’s the original, filmed last week at Juggernaut Training Systems.)

Pope later regrammed this video and affirmed her desire to be the champion of the Seafood Lifting Nationals’ shellfish division. We wish her luck!

More of a Nathan Damron fan? The Freedom Fridge has also been seen hang snatching a huge 160kg of peaches, which — when he hit the actual weight last week — was a PR for the young athlete.

Even Egyptian Olympic medalist Mohamed Ehab Youssef got the treatment when he power snatched 118 kilograms of taco-y goodness.

Finally, CJ Cummings’ 185kg clean & jerk that broke the Youth World Record last month also got a makeover, and man, if it isn’t still a damn inspiring lift. Even with donuts on the barbell.

Snatchin’ Snacks is the brainchild of Wes Richardson, an Iowa-based animator and designer who has worked on some pretty big brands like Ford and Verizon. We don’t know how far Richardson is planning to take this meme, but if it develops into a TV series, movie, t-shirt line, and collectable action figures, we sure won’t be complaining.

Featured image via @snatchinsnacks on Instagram.