November 2021 — Stoltman Brothers Full Day of Eating

The world's strongest brothers share a full day of eating in their off-season.

The Stoltman brothers — Tom and Luke — are two of the most prominent strongmen on the planet with the resumes to back it up. Tom Stoltman is the reigning World’s Strongest Man (WSM) and Britain’s Strongest Man (BSM) champion and undoubtedly the best Atlas Stone lifter worldwide. Luke Stoltman is a monster in the log lift and sits atop the throne as reigning Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM). Alongside 2020 WSM champion Oleksii Novikov and Evan Singleton, the Stoltman brothers ran the podium gambit across much of the Giants Live Tour in 2021.

So what fuels the six-foot, eight-inch tall Tom Stoltman and the 350-plus pound Luke Stoltman? The brothers from Scotland took to their YouTube channel on Nov. 19, 2021, to share the food that goes on their plates in a single day to propel their strongman training in the gym. Check it out below:

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Meal One — Breakfast

On training days, Luke starts his day quite early. A 6:20 a.m. wake-up call is met with his first meal of overnight oats. Luke wants quick fuel for his early morning swim and does so by combining 80 grams of oats with 100 grams of blueberries and then a protein of choice, be it whey protein powder, greek yogurt, or the like. He sometimes will add chives or vanilla to up the flavor but will pair it with a black coffee.

Luke is dropping weight, opting for five meals a day rather than the usual six. He intends to alter his body composition with a lower daily calorie count to decrease fat mass.

Meal Two — Mid-Morning Snack

Luke heads to the Am Botham Community Cafe in Evanton, Dingwall, following his early morning training session to meet up with Tom. This is Tom’s first meal, which includes a black coffee but is more of what one might think of as a traditional breakfast, consisting of eight eggs, a vegetable of choice (mushrooms on this day), and toast. Luke eats similarly for this, his second meal — six eggs with mushrooms and a cup of fruit.

Despite eating fewer calories via fewer meals than average, Luke touts feeling more energized throughout the day:

Starting to feel a bit lighter on my feet, like a ballerina. 

Tom is on the opposite side of the coin from his older brother when cutting calories. He feels hungrier often and prefers feeling full. Tom’s meals deviate slightly from Luke’s to make up for the additional five inches and approximately 30-40 extra pounds on his frame, but Tom still feels the difference when cutting back to five daily meals. Tom’s second meal comes in the form of a pink lady apple and a protein shake with three scoops of chocolate whey before he starts training.

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Meal Three —  Lunch

Tom’s lunch is a bit more of a feast in the form of risotto, consisting of 400 grams of rice, 300 grams of chicken, vegetables, and cranberry juice. Luke’s lunch is similar in macro composition but a bit heartier — 260 grams steak mince, 300 grams of potatoes, and 200 grams of vegetables. Both brothers have completed a training session and are feeling some hunger pangs at this point in the day. 

Meal Four — Dinner

Although Tom is lowering the amount of red meat in his diet, his dinner includes 300 grams of steakburgers paired with 400 grams of potatoes, cabbage and topped with gravy. Luke re-ups on his lunch protein via 260 grams steak mince for dinner, pairing it with 300 grams of potatoes and coleslaw of carrots and cabbage. He tops it with some mint sauce and drinks kefir to swash it down.

In the video, Tom’s final meal of the night was labeled as his meal four, and his fifth meal was not shared. Likewise, Luke’s dinner was labeled as meal five, though they never disclosed his meal four. Both brothers consistently mentioned, however, that they are each on five meals a day. We’ll see if their goal of dropping some fat heading into the holiday season will shape up before packing mass back on before the Arnold Strongman Classic in early March 2022, where they will both likely compete.

Featured image via Stoltman Brothers YouTube channel.