Tim Wenisch and Michael Sandbach Finish Men’s Double HYROX Race in Less Than 50 Minutes

It’s the first sub 50-minute time in HYROX history.

On Oct. 22, 2022, HYROX men’s doubles competitors, Tim Wenisch and Michael Sandbach made fitness racing history by becoming the first athletes to finish an HYROX event in less than 50 minutes. As a matter of fact, they did it in less than 49 minutes.

The duo competed in the 2022 HYROX Amsterdam event and finished the entire race in 48 minutes and 52 seconds. The HYROX Official Instagram account recognized the accomplishment in the post below:

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HYROX is the organization that sanctions fitness races, which include eight individual events that are alternated with eight one-kilometer runs. A male athlete’s doubles HYROX race would go as follows:

HYROX Doubles Race

  • One Kilometer Run
  • 1,000 meter SkiErg
  • One Kilometer Run
  • Two x 25 Meter Sled Push — 125 Kilograms (275 Pounds)
  • One Kilometer Run
  • Two x 25 Meter Sled Pull — 75 Kilograms (165 Pounds)
  • One Kilometer Run
  • 80 Meter Burpee Broad Jump
  • One Kilometer Run
  • 1000 meter Rowing
  • One Kilometer Run
  • 100 Meter Sandbag Lunges — 20 Kilograms (44 Pounds)
  • One Kilometer Run
  • Wall Ball for 100 Reps — 6 Kilograms (13.2 Pounds)

The competitors must run together, but they split the workload of the events evenly. The team that finishes all events in the fastest time wins the competition. Wenisch and Sandbach won the Amsterdam competition by almost five minutes. The second-place team, Gil Nicola and Markus Frison, finished in 53 minutes and 40 seconds. The third-place team was Fergal Keaney and Marco Paolillo, with a time of 54 minutes and 52 seconds.

According to the HYROX Leaderboard, this is the first time in the 2022-23 season that Wenisch and Sandbach competed in an event as a team. Neither athlete worked with another partner in a previous event this season. Before this historic result, the fastest men’s double time of the season was 52 minutes and 44 seconds by Patrick Grewe and Peter Schiller in the HYROX Leipzig race on Oct. 8, 2022. 

Wenisch and Sandbach are eligible to compete in the 2023 HYROX World Championships. As of this writing, the date for that competition has yet to be announced. Neither Wenisch nor Sandbach competed in the 2022 World Championship, which Christoph Uhl and Holger Korner won with a time of 51 minutes and three seconds.

The next HYROX races on the season schedule will take place in Berlin, Germany, and Chicago, IL, on Nov. 5, 2022.

Featured image: @hyroxofficial on Instagram