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Shrugs Exercise Guide

Shrugs Exercise Guide

Large, powerful traps are often a sign of a serious lifter. The traps, which span across the upper backs of most powerlifters, weightlifters, fitness athletes, and bodybuilders play a crucial role in deadlifting,

Bicep Training Hammer Curl Exercise Guide

Hammer Curls Exercise Guide

Arm training, specifically bicep exercises, can be a valuable accessory exercise for strength, power, and fitness athletes. Movements such as hammer curls, barbell curls, and chin ups can offer strength coaches/athletes increases in

Dumbbell Flye Exercise Guide

Chest training is key for strength athletes (powerlifters, strongman athletes, sports athletes, and even weightlifters) for competitive movements and overall upper body strength potentials. Exercises like the bench press, dumbbell press, dip, and

Decline Bench Press Exercise Guide

The decline bench press is a pressing exercise that may or may not find its way into your training routine. Bench press variations like the flat and incline bench press both are highly

Dumbbell Snatch Ultimate Guide

Dumbbell Snatch Exercise Guide

The dumbbell snatch is a total body exercise that can be beneficial for increasing total body power, strength, and metabolic endurance. Many strength and fitness athletes will find that training the dumbbell snatch

8 Glute Exercises Without Weights

Coaches and athletes can integrate glute training within warm-up segments, glute activation series, and hypertrophy/accessory blocks to increase muscular hypertrophy and glute engagement. The benefits of powerful, engaged glutes have a strong correlation


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