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Sole E25 Elliptical Featured Image

Sole E25 Elliptical Review

If you’re looking for a lower-cost elliptical without sacrificing quality, you might want to consider the Sole E25. This front-drive elliptical features a sub $1,000 price tag, a 20-inch stride length, and a 20-pound flywheel.

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Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench Featured Image

Rogue Fold Up Utility Bench Review

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you could add to your home gym is a solid weight bench, as it can provide the means to perform exercises like the bench press, dumbbell rows, and Bulgarian split squats. However,

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Gymreapers Dip Belt Featured Image

Gymreapers Dip Belt Review

If you didn’t already know, progressively overloading your muscles while strength training is essential to hypertrophy (aka muscle growth). Since it can be challenging to accomplish this with bodyweight movements like dips and pull-ups, adding weight with the Gymreapers Dip Belt may

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NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike Featured Image

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike Review

Cardio is an important aspect of fitness, and exercise bikes are an ideal solution for anyone looking to avoid the stress your joints can endure while running on pavement or a treadmill. Recumbent bikes up the comfort level by allowing riders to lean

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