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Rogue Ohio Bar vs Rogue Echo Bar

Rogue Ohio Bar vs. Rogue Echo Bar

If you’re someone who is looking for a multi-use barbell, Rogue offers two solid choices in the Ohio and the Echo 2.0. Because of their high quality builds, Rogue’s barbells tend to be a

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Rogue Hex Dumbbells

Rogue Hex Dumbbell Review

Rogue’s Hex Dumbbells are considered classic for a reason: They’re durable, high quality, and feature a timeless design. Dumbbells are arguably some of the most versatile pieces of strength equipment you could have in your home gym because

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Mirror Home Gym Review

You may have noticed that a number of home gyms are going through a modern day upgrade with the incorporation of AI (artificial intelligence). The Mirror Home Gym — one of these high-tech

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REP Black Bumper Plates

REP Bumper Plates Review

Bumper plates — like these REP Fitness Bumper Plates — offer a ton of versatility, and can be used for movements like front shoulder raises, squat presses, overhead presses, and even core exercises

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