6-Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates’ Secret for Better Biceps Curls

For the "The Shadow," a flick of the wrist went a long way.

Not only did Dorian Yates solidify his reputation within bodybuilding by winning the Mr. Olympia title six times, but his sheer mass and high-intensity workout style inspired countless competitors afterward. Nowadays, “The Shadow” regularly provides training secrets to his followers on social media, giving a glimpse into how this legend of the stage built his world-class physique.

On September 14, 2023, Yates again took to Instagram, this time to talk about one of his secrets to better biceps curls. You can click on the post below to read the advice:


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How to Perform Better Curls, According to Yates

During the peak of his career, Yates performed biceps curls in different variations, including standing, seated, and concentration curls. He primarily used dumbbells and lifted heavy all the time, with form and focus being the main goals.

In the Instagram post, he wrote that his number-one recommendation to the clients he teaches online is to put maximal stress on the biceps by making one simple tweak.

“Slightly rotate your wrist at the top so that your little finger is coming across your arm,” he wrote. In the video above, which was attached to this caption, he begins with a neutral grip and then curls both dumbbells up simultaneously with a twist while seated.

This wrist rotation, according to Yates, creates extra emphasis on the biceps muscle. It’s a standard technique, but it’s one that could get lost as weights get heavier and people lose track of their form. He also reminds his audience “to squeeze your bicep at the top of the movement” to get a full contraction.


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In addition, Yates appears to have his spotter help him support the final reps of his failure set, showcasing just how heavy the load he’s using. He also looks to be wearing a weightlifting belt for back support as he lifts a bit out of the seat to garner the momentum needed to curl the heavy dumbbells.

Yates says that little adjustments like this can make a big difference in your workouts. When he alters for maximum contraction, he gets the most out of each training session for him and his clients.

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