Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada Details One Exercise He Swears by for Bigger Triceps

The 2022 Mr. Olympia competitor talks about one of his favorite exercises for triceps growth.

If you’re not following bodybuilder Hunter Labrada on social media, you’re missing out on the treasure trove of workout tips he posts to his channels every week. And as part of his “Tuesday Tips” series, he went on YouTube to talk about one of his favorite subjects: triceps growth.

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How Hunter Labrada Grows His Triceps

Triceps talk isn’t exactly new territory for Labrada. In August 2022, he went on his YouTube channel to talk about the benefits of cuffed triceps extensions over rope pushdowns. And now he’s back with another exercise he swears by, the seated overhead cuffed triceps extension.

Like the other cuffed extension, Labrada says this move provides solid joint alignment with his elbows and shoulders and allows for full elbow flexion. The ability to get a good extension is why he champions these cuffed cable exercises over the rope pushdowns, which he says involve too much lat, delt, and pec work. 

How to Do Seated Overhead Cuff Triceps Extensions

The trickiest part of the exercise is getting into the proper position. First, place a triceps seat facing away from a cable machine and set the cuff accessory on both cables to chest height. Then, face the cable machine and grab the cuff on the left with your left hand.

Next, turn around so you’re facing away from the cable machine and grab the other cable with your right hand. Sit down in the seat with both cables crossing over behind your back. (Watch the video above for a thorough breakdown.)


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Once you’re in position, bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle with your hands at your ears and extend your elbows straight out until your arms are parallel with the floor. Return slowly back to the starting position. The key is to get full extension at the top of the rep to really hit the triceps.

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