Eddie Hall’s Full Day of Eating Three Months Out From His Return to Strongman

Hall will make his professional strongman return at the 2022 World's Strongest Nation contest.

The 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Eddie Hall has not competed in a premiere strongman contest since retiring after claiming the most coveted title in the sport. Since then, he changed his physique through significant weight loss to step in a boxing ring against 2018 WSM champion Hafthor BjΓΆrnsson. It resulted in Hall tattooing his rival’s name on his foot.

After five years away from the sport, Hall is slated to return to the elite strongman stage as the leader of Team UK in the 2022 World’s Strongest Nation contest on Nov. 26, 2022, at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England, against Team USA led by Robert Oberst. On Aug 24, 2022, Hall shared what a full day of eating looks like for him three months out from his strongman return. Check it out below:

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Typically, Hall’s wife prepares all his meals. On this particular day, she was at work, and Hall had to make his meals himself. Luckily, he didn’t have to do so blindly, as his wife left him written instructions for what to do.

The first set of instructions was for Hall’s morning shake. After spending longer than anticipated trying to locate the blender, Hall added ice, milk, a banana, two tablespoons of peanut butter, a “splash” of Skinny Food chocolate spread, and two scoops of whey protein. Hall estimated his shake contained 65 grams of protein and totaled 700 calories.

Before getting in his morning cardio, Hall weighed himself. The scale revealed that “The Beast” weighed 160.45 kilograms (353.7 pounds).

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Lunch & Intra-Workout

After using scissors to cut chicken onto a skillet, Hall chopped onion and tomato into a mix with coriander and cilantro. Once the chicken was sufficiently cooked, he poured half a jar of his own cooking sauce with less sugar and mixed all the ingredients.

Hall filled five low-sugar wraps with chicken and veggies. Together they totaled approximately 120 grams of protein and 1,500 calories. He filled two additional wraps for his intra-workout meal, which brought his daily protein intake up to 305 grams and his daily calorie total to 2,800.

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Hall loaded two hamburgers and slices of bacon into the oven for dinner. He then pulled out a large platter and loaded buns with sliced tomatoes, cheese, and sauce. After failing to cook french fries in the oven correctly, he moved them into his air fryer.

Hall expressed his frustration and stress around cooking his meals, though he rated his burgers a nine out of 10. Once he scarfed down the burgers and fries, his daily protein total was 385 grams, and his daily calories reached 4,600.

While Hall’s diet is significantly less caloric than his prime strongman competition days, he is still consuming more grams of protein than his weight in pounds.

Since Hall’s bodyweight eclipsed 400 pounds during his strongman prime, he will likely compete in the 2022 WSN contest much lighter than he’s accustomed to. While that could cost him in events focused on heavy lifts, it might improve his performances in events that reward agility, such as medleys and loading races.

We’ll see in November 2022 if Hall can lead Team UK to a win in Hall’s strongman return over Oberst and Team USA.

Featured image: @eddiehallwsm on Instagram