Eddie Hall Tears His Bicep While Wrestling for His New TV Show

The strongman suffered the injury in a wrestling scene for his upcoming TV show.

Professional strongman and 2017’s World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall tore his bicep while partaking in a wrestling scene for his upcoming TV show ‘Eddie Eats America.’

A lot of strongmen have been tearing arm muscles lately. Hall is now the second strongman this week to face a bicep injury after Larry Wheels tore his own while training Atlas Stones.

At the 2019 Worlds Strongest Man competition last month, strongman Robert Oberst suffered what looked a torn bicep during the Atlas Stone event on day three. The injury ended up actually being a torn brachialis (the main flexor muscle of your elbow joint), and Brian Shaw went on to suffer the same injury during the Atlas stones in the final.

There were plenty of other injuries this year (Hafthor Bjornsson’s plantar fascia tear, Konstantine Janashia’s ruptured tricep,Laurence Shahlaei and Sigfus Fossdal both tore their Achilles) but we’re digressing; Hall didn’t injure himself while competing.

He went into detail in this video published on his YouTube channel.

Here’s how he did it: he was doing somersaults during a challenge with two pro wrestlers. Hall thought he was going to hit his head during a forward somersault, so he grabbed on to the two pro wrestlers besides him. That’s when he felt his bicep snap.

After meeting with the surgeon, the two discussed whether or not to have surgery to repair the muscle tear or not. At the end of the video, Hall said that he decided not to get surgery.

“I’m disappointed, but pleased as well,” Hall said. “I’m not going to get surgery, but it’s meant it’s messed one of my episodes up for the History Channel.” He’s talking about his upcoming series, ‘The Strongest Man in History,’ which is hosted by four well known strongmen: Hall, Brian Shaw, Robert Oberst, and Nick Best. “It’s tough timing,” Hall said as he closed out the video.

It’s currently unclear when ‘Eddie Eats America’ will be airing, but ‘The Strongest Man in History’ will premier on the History Channel on July 10th.

Featured image from Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall on YouTube.