America’s Strongest Veteran (w/ Nicolai Myers)

Today I’m talking to strongman (and 90kg World’s Strongest Man) Nicolai Myers. Nicolai is also the winner of America’s Strongest Veteran. We discuss being a strongman in a sport more often associated with giants, and how he capitalizes on his strengths to win competitions that might include some of his weaker individual events. We also talk about Nicolai’s training, sport-specific movements for strongman, and a lot more.

Nicolai Myers on the BarBend Podcast

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Nicolai Myers about:

  • Why strongman has so much variance, and why that appealed to Nicolai after he left the military (2:30)
  • Can you rely on brute force in the sport of strongman? Can you be too explosive (in a sandbag toss, for example) (6:00)
  • “I like to compete at what I weigh” (11:17)
  • Nicolai’s training 3-4 months out from a big competition (14:10)
  • Nicolai’s 4-day training split (17:00)
  • Training for a circus dumbbell world record (20:00)

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